Installing Rekluse!

Will it hurt anything if I go ride it for a day like it is? It won't bend a shifting fork or anything with it creeping. It is a little hard to shift but I think some of that is me trying to get use to backing off the gas between shifts. Been so hot here lately I haven't felt much like riding.

No, it won't hurt a thing. Go ride it. I bet the problem solves itself after your first ride.

wooster rooster -- yes, that's the 2" wave spring. Worked wonders for my Rekluse. Seems everybody's got their own riding style and expectations. This worked well for me.

Did the different wave spring give you a higher or lower stall.

Changing the wave spring = no stall at all. What it did do is increase the RPM necessary to release the clutch & engage the engine. Not by much, maybe 500 rpm?? But, seemed to be just enough to keep it from stalling, sputtering, and choking. The other added benefit was that the engine gets into the power faster since I increased the idle speed slightly also.

Having a few stalling problems now! Don't think it is rekluse related after reading other post. I have no stall what so ever, the bike actually surges just a little when put into gear. Might buy a Boyesen Quickshot and see what that does.

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