I changed my oil today for the first time and when I pulled the filter out it was clogged with a lot of black crud!! Is this normal? I have only put on about 250kms on it. I have been in some major mud and water though. I thought I have read here before something about the first filter change and there being a lot of crap in the filters, but not to be alarmed, is this true, or should I be concerned? I am starting to think that I am not meant to own a 4 stroke and think I might have to go back to a 2 smoker next year!!

Sounds normal to me. You should see a good amount of stuff in the filter for the first few changes.

You actually should have changed the oil and filter after the first ride / breakin. Then every 3 or 4 rides or 200 miles. I change mine on that routine and still find stuff in the filter. I clean the filter and use again three times then put a new one in.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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That makes me feel a bit better! I did change the oil after my first ride but I didnt have the right tools with me the get the filter off.

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