Rocky Mountain Hiiiiggghhhh, Colorado

I've said before and I'll say it again. There is NOTHING better than riding in the mountains of CO.

First high alt ride of the summer. 55 rocky mountain miles of heaven near Breckenridge. Me and my buddy Eric hit Red Cone, Radical Hill and North, South and Middle forks.

Highest elevation was 13,000 feet at the top of Red Cone (the spot Bryan has posted on the home page). lowest elavation, well that would be the two times I wiped out in the first two miles of the ride on the way up to Red Cone. My suspension was set very stiff as the last ride I did was a track. This is very rocky and I was just hitting and launching.

8 miles into the ride, Eric flatted the front tire. Luckily he just started carrying a tube and air cartriges. Unluckily he took his kick stand off and we had to stack rocks to lift his bike. We ended up putting his bike on his helmet which was on a rock. Taking the tire off was not that easy. The forks were swinging and the axil stripped on the way out. It also bent the rotor but we bent that back real quick. It did not look out of shape at all.

We got some help when four more riders showed up. Two were on '98 WR400s and never heard of this site. I told them to look us up. They helped us get the front back on. If you guys find this site and post, thanks a lot. Your help was appreciated.

I took this time to soften up the forks and never had another problem the rest of the day. Until the last 10 miles back through those rocks. I was completely exhausted at the end and was having a hell of a time controlling the bike. I was in spagetti arm state.

We rode hard for 55 miles. Eric was on a mission as he was hard to keep up with. He had the XR600 humming through everything. My helmet is off to him.

As expected, we did run into some snow. Webster pass was not passable due to snow. Which meant we had to go back up Red Cone to get back to the truck. Red Cone is supposed to be one way, which is down. It is very steep. Easy to get squirrly on the way up. Not this time though. Blasted right up swinging the rear end a couple of times but up in one shot.

Radical hill was also open but we had to detour around a snow bank through a nice little narly section. Then push each other through the snow on a switchback.

As always, be prepared in the mountains, even in the summer. We ran into about a 20 minute rain storm where the temp dropped down to the low 60's high 50's. Luckily we remembered our rain gear. Then the sun came back out and it warmed up agian.

Here is the funny thing though. I never did rejet for the higher elevations. I ran with a 175 main, 48 pilot and YZ needle in the fouth position. The fuel screw was 1 3/4 turns out. My bike ran fine. No stalling, back firing and only minor popping on decelerations. Plenty of power. Maybe someone with the knowledge can tell me why I didn't have to rejet. It was however, hard to start the first time. I had to use the hot start button, no choke. But after that, no problems.

Anyway, I am totally psyched as we are fully into mountain riding season here in CO. See you in the clouds.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

Cool Doug!

Cary and I rode Red Cone on Saturday. After riding that enduro, it was cake. After desending to Webster pass, I got the urge to ride back up Red Cone after chatting with Mitch from Oz about narley hill climbs. I hit it hard in 2nd gear and before I knew it, I was up. Cary said, 'that was a gutsy move' (although that means a lot coming from Cary, he made it no problem too).

He and I didn't make it up Radical because of the snow. I think I know where you detoured. But, I thought I saw an even bigger drift up higher so we didn't bother. We ended up going to Montezuma, having lunch at that awesome little sandwich shop and getting to the top of Radical via St. Johns road.

On the way back we were ripping up Webster, fun, big jumps, and I was tired at the top. There were many jeepers watching as we hit Red Cone again without a rest. Cary made it no problem. But, I was tired and hit it with too much speed. I got knocked off line to the left into the big mogals with all the loose dirt. Near the top my rear tire spun around and I dumped it upside down in front of the jeepers. MAJOR BUMMER ! ! ! I had to pick the bike up (turn it right side up to) before the gas ran out while already very tired. I then had to ride back down to the jeepers (major humiliation) and get a shot back up. But of course more jeepers were coming down so I had to wait. This made the humiliation complete. I wanted to say, 'but I made it up first time earlier, really I did'.

I made it up 2nd shot with no problems.

On the way back down Red Cone, Cary also got a flat. He rode it back to the truck.

Funny you should mention jetting. I ran the same setup as you with YZ timing and had no problems! I figured I'd foul a plug but I didn't. I even had a 178 main! I've concluded that the YZ timing isn't as finicky to altitude changes. I was going to post this revalation today but figured everyone would think I'm full of crap. I'm glad you discovered this too.

Did Eric tell you how he busted his kick stand? XR600's aren't good on moto cross style jumps at Rampart?

Roost on,


Originally posted by Dougie:

Unluckily he took his kick stand off and we had to stack rocks to lift his bike. We ended up putting his bike on his helmet which was on a rock.

Posted by Bryan:

Did Eric tell you how he busted his kick stand? XR600's aren't good on moto cross style jumps at Rampart?

Oh... I thought he took it of to save weight :)


I think you didnt have to rejet because of the cooler, denser air. It makes up for the altitude, somewhat anyway. Sounds like a lot of fun. I've been all over up there in my Jeep but never on my scoot. Someday you guys will have to host your own version of the Colorado 500 invitational. :)

Yeah, Eric did fess up as to why he took off his kick stand. I'm pretty sure that is why he was riding his ass off that day.

He will be the first to admit he has been having a rough time lately and he was out to prove that he still had it. And he does in spades.

Man those XRs soak up those rocks, don't they? He was flying though that stuff. I'd try to keep up but then I'd end up sideways or damn near in a tree and then common sense would kick back in and tell me to let him go and live to ride another day :)

Yeah Bryan, there was a big drift on that last turn to the right up Radical Hill. But there was just enough room for the bikes to squeeze by.

Here is my thought on Red Cone. As steep and narly as it is going up, I really think the first steep hill from where that snow drift was blocking Webster Pass is tougher. It took me two times to get up that as I got in those deep moguls and was bouncing the rear end looking east then west then east then west again until it came to a stop. Do you know the spot? Where everyone usually stops and it switchbacks to the right down Webster back to 285. Maybe it is not as long as Red Cone, but I think is is more loose, moguled out and steeper.

Great idea Vince, maybe next summer we can make CO the next WR ride get together.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

Actually Vincent, when I rode Red Cone on Saturday, it was real warm. It was 70 degrees at 8:30 in the morning at 9500 feet. That's pretty unusual. It was probably in the 60's or 70's up top too.

And that air is far from dense up there! It's almost non existant.

Come up north eh to ride with us Colorado boys sometime!


I definitely will Bryan, once I get back in country and get settled back in. I plan to buy an RV after I get home so I'll be set up in time for traveling next summer. Just may have to make a road trip up there. I am indeed puzzled how you guys get away with that jetting. Im gonna have to switch needles and see what jetting I can run then. I still have the stock needle in mine.

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