Michigan Dunes

I was just at Silver Lake Dunes in Mi. for the past for days, wow was that awesome. Camping is no problem around there unless it is a holiday weekend like the 4th. We made our reservations in January for 3 nights this weekend. Lots of camps sites there, the state park is we're we stayed, its nice. Lots of places to eat and gas up and stuff. Theres a place called Duneland that is right in front of the entrance for the dunes this where everyone stops for flags and brackets and high octane gas and such. you don't need reservations to get in to the dunes, all you need is a flag on the vehicle that you take into the dunes, and a state park sticker. You can get all this right there. I would definitaly go if you can, it kick A$$. I don't know if anyone there has a website but if you need more info, e-mail me at whity125@cs.com

Has anyone rode the dunes in Michigan. I live in northern Illinois and dune riding looks to be way too cool. If anyone has information or website addresses please post them. Also any tips on camping, eating, registering, stuff like that please post too.

Thanks for any information.

Angel Boy

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