Exhaust tests on WR's??

The WR400 muffler without the baffle weighed 8lb 3oz on my scale while the YZ400 muffler weighed 5lb 2oz. The head pipes are the same. The only exhaust system tests I've seen have been on YZ's.

James Dean

As I stated before, Ive been out of the country for quite some time and havent been able to keep up on my magazines. Has there been any comparison tests on exhaust sytems for WR's? I have seen them on YZ's but never for WR's. What is the weight of the stock WR system? Is it a lot more than the YZ? Everything I have read on YZ systems doesnt look like much gain to be had in power or weight savings, at least on YZ's. In fact, I notice on lots of YZ tests, the aftermarket systems actualy weigh more than stock. How does this compare with our WR systems?

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