Trade my Clarke tank seat and shrouds for stock YZ tank seat and shrouds?

I'm looking to trade my Clarke oversized tank, Factory Effex seat foam and shrouds. I have Factory Effex Graphics and seat cover on right now, I also have an extra set of tank graphics.

I want to trade for a stock YZ tank, seat and shrouds.

Mr T

i have a friend who is interested. he has a 1999 yz 400

oh sh*% i just today brought a new clarke tank for my yz

WOW, I thought I wouldn't have any probs trading out here.


Mr T

Well, you asked so I think I have an answer for you.

Mr T, are you wanting to trade a WR seat and tank? If you are, that's the problem. Most people, including myself, would rather keep a stock, small capacity, YZ seat and tank than go to a WR seat/tank configuration. In my opinion, the handling is so much better with the YZ tank/seat that the reduced fuel capacity is worth the trade-off. BTW, the same shrouds fit both the YZ and WR. (Unless you are wanting to throw in the shrouds to sweeten the deal?)

...And I just looked in your signature and it says you have a Clarke YZ tank.

Never mind... :)

I dont think I was totaly clear. I want to trade my Clarke YZ tank, YZ seat(IMS base and Factory Effex seat foam=softer) and my shrouds. The tank seat and shrouds have a Factory Effex graphics package already on them. I also have an extra set of tank graphics.

image.aspx?Image=*EtEZjHm6cpNWLg79ps!FPLQD2v2o1KPOZ7mBuiHQErZLncO8Zl7IawbMLQyBc15ZQ56hOpWi5b0XwQNLOcxoxGZRAjw9p80gSmFZKEyRhIlHA!XDWbUJa3LV6yM M7aG

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I'm interested, just replied in YZ forum.

Oops, double post.

[ February 28, 2002: Message edited by: MotoGreg ]

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