fork oil height

Hi guys

I got my fork oil replaced a few months ago and got it raised to 90mm, to stop them bottoming on large motox jumps. But now I have noticed that there is about 2" of travel that is not being used. What height should I set my oil at. I have never bottomed them at current oil height. Will using that extra bit of travel do much.



How goes it?

For the oil, it will be a trial and error thing. You will have to pull the fork cap, remove the fork spring, and then measure the oil height. Maybe start out at lowering the oil 10mm. The trick to have, which I don't, is to calculate the oil volume w/ oil height. This way you can add or remove X amount of oil to raise and lower your height, knowing where you stand in oil level. Knowing the inner dameter of the fork leg, the formula is: 3.14 x radius(squared) x height of the oil (say 10 mm in this case).

I'd give you the common, recognizable formula, but this keyboard doesn't have it.



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For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitch?!!

Thanks a lot for the tip. I was thinking about the formula you stated for working ou oil height versus volume.

I just competed in my first pony express on the weekend. Had a great time me and a mate on his xr400 partnered. I am still looking around for a yz tank.

Seeya later JAson

I really hope you find your tank, Jason. I am truly sorry it didn't work out.


No worries. Thanks a lot for trying to get the tank for me.


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