CRD Exhaust Systems

Has anyone tried the new 'Enduro' spec CRD exhaust? Its supposed to be only 92db, and still decent power.

I need something really quiet but don't want to sacrifice h/p!! :)


Good luck.

From what I've read and heard and experienced here is the formula for this high performance, high compression Yamaha engine:

More noise = more horsepower

less noise = less horsepower

If you restrict the noise of the bike, you are reducing exhaust air flow which decreases power. It seems as simple as that.

Some really want a quiet bike and are willing to sacrifice HP for less noise. This is especially true for those that ride in areas of the country that have tighter noise restrictions. Also, some that ride tight, twisty and narley terrain, like out east, don't need all the upper rev horses anyway and a few less ponies are not really missed.

But based on all the tests I've seen and bikes I've ridden, more hp = more noise. It's time for us all to accept that fact. If an exhaust company tells you otherwise, they are just trying to sell to you on a hope (like FMF and their SUPER QUIET IV SA-2)

So you have to find that compromise that works for you, the people you ride around, your riding style and terrain, and restrictions in your part of the country.

And to those of you about to lecture me on how we all need to ride responsibly and quiet our bikes: If I ride in the middle of a desert for 8 hours without seeing a single sole, am I disturbing anyone? (If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? If a bear poops in the woods, no wait, wrong metaphore).

Markie Mark

Well Mark, thanks for the reply.

I've gone and bought the system anyway, and it will be fitted tonight (beats talking to the wife !!). I'm out on a blast into Wales on Sunday, so perhaps i'll let you know how it behaves.

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