Setting the record straight.

Mitch, let's set the record straight here. Firstly like you said no grudges, not my style. As I stated I have read just about all the posts on this forum, so that obviously includes yours over the period of time you have been here. You contribute to the forum on a regular basis with informative and entertaining stories, my point being I was obviously disappointed with what I percieve your actions were on the Black Spur. I was never interested in a slanging match, and it was only ever going to be a single post expressing my concern,disappointment ,anger at the time.

I have received alot of flack from other readers as I expected, mates who have stuck up for you and other readers of this forum who disagree with me, and good for them for sticking up for their mate. I do have to apoligise for my delivery style, it was wrong and this forum is not the place for personal attacks or public humiliation. It could have been delivered better in a more sedate and confidential manner- no excuse.

The bottom line here is we all enjoy riding dirt bikes in one shape or form and I like to see us portrayed in as good a light as possible, and definately not a danger to other road users. I am not an evangilist or a do-gooder and I like lighting the wick just as much, if not more than the next bloke, that's why I bought the WR, preferably in the dirt, but there is a right time and place for that riding style, preferably with no cars observing. It gives us dirt bike riders a bad name. Just remember that it would,ve been my mates that scraped you off the road if you had've stacked & I would not have liked that at all. No doubt I would have seen you at hospital and would have had to tamper with your pain relief, just to teach you yung'ns a lesson. The loss of one friend on that road is more than enough. Unfortunately I have attended dirt bike riders who have come to grief on the dirt and road, in both sets of clothes. You obviously have been there. I hate seeing a "mate" a fellow bike enthusiast injured, could've been me. Strange how they always first ask how their bike is, followed closely by "don't cut my nylons" oblivious to the extent of their injuries for just a few seconds.

To everyone else, I apologise for the venom I portrayed and for using this forum as a personal attack on Mitch, shouldn't have done it. I would not like to be remembered as the bloke who only posted for a winge.

At the end of the day I hope I don't meet any of you as part of my profession, and just for the record "Ride it like you stole it, but not on the Black Spur" Isn't that right Matt Porritt.

Hey Justin,

No need to appologise. Lets forget it happened the way it did. But, in a way, your point has been well taken and I am sure others feel that we are both correct and incorrect.

Yes, you are right about riding the way I did on public roads. More so, posting what i did on a forum that attracts younger, impressionable readers. Very unprofessional.

Anyway, let me know when you would like to grab beer and compare scars.


I'm just curious

What the heck is a WANKER?





flippin ahole


Actually guys........"Wanker" is an english word and is slang for a person who frequently massages his pink oboe. :)

If anyone would like a list of such english slang words, I have an alternative dictionary on disk which is highly amusing.....

email me at for a copy.

Hey Fluke.

Actually... :) Wankler originated in Australia, not the UK. Although, I applaud your version.. :D


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