just got my 426, oil change question.

hi, just changed my oil. drained frame, crank case and changed filter. i added 1.5 qts of yamalube 20w40 and started the engine killed it and let it sit for 3 minutes. the oil is to high, about 1/2 inch above the max line with the dip stick screwed in or if you just dip it in and check with out screwing it in its about 1/8" above max. so my question is do you screw it in or not when you check it and also isnt it supposed to take almost 2 quarts? thanks.

you don't screw the dipstick in to check .

and my yz400f is like 1.8qt with a filter change according to the manual, not sure why you are over.

there is link in the "sticky" section at the top of this forum to an online manual if you need one.

welcome to TT

btw... what is the red car behind your 426 ??

its a 65 plymouth satellite with a 440 engine swap. 727 torque flight with 2500 stall convertor. its pretty sweet, thanks for reminding me i need to knock the dust off of it:) thanks for the welcome! im glad to be part of the thumper world now!

thats what I thought is was....

sorry I am a mopar nut too. let me fill you in on the 426.

never ride it slow, they will overheat way fast, they need the airflow to stay cool. change your oil often, like every 4 hours run time. change the cam to get rid of the manual decomp, best mod for these bikes. I put engine ice coolant in mine and it has not overheatd again. There is a link in the sticky common threads at the top of this forum that tells you everything you will need to know about the 426 and a link to a manual. The header will glow red if you start it at night or low light situations, dont worry about they all do.

oh yeah and if grayracer513 says it...... its true.


thanks a lot for all the good info! i rode it for 30 minutes on the trails last weekend and it boiled over pretty good. yesterday i added a coolant overflow bottle, new rad. cap, and engine ice. im anxious to see if it does it again. i have yet to see it glow but i have heard that it is pretty common. i will probably see it glow this next trip to the hills! so if i get a new cam i can kick start it with out having to pull the compression release lever???

that is correct, no more lever threw mine away. I seem to crash alot and was scared of breaking the lever off. Read about it in the common threads. i did mine in a weekend. there are 2 different ways to do it. you can do a hot cams exhaust cam or a 450 exhaust cam. The 450 cam is supposed to give you more power than the hot cams exhaust cam alone. the hot cams I think are designed for the most power for you to put in intake and exhaust. I did the hot cam in mine, you will have to re shim as the clearance is different, but it is no big deal. You should check to see when the last timing chain was put in it, they are a wear item and should be changed. If it needs a chain, do the cam. the chain stretches and wears out the gear on the crank, which is only part of the crank and it is a pretty easy job. Also... don't fill the radiator to the top of the neck, just over the fins. That is not what the manual says to do, but works in mine. No more pukin! oh yeah and don't leave it idleing for any amount of time after warm up. If someone chrashes or stalls, shut it off.

ok well thanks for all your help. I appreciate it! Ill do some research on this cam subject!!

Congrats on the purchase. Just bought a 426 about a month ago myself. Incredible machine for the price.

As for oil level.


this is the link for an online manual for the 426

open and download chapters 1-3

once done check out sections 3-15 to 3-17 for a run through on factory specs for an oil change.

Also, 03 yz450 cam modification is an awesome modification.

Tire came right off the pavement today cruising in 5th! Must have been going about 60.

so what all do i need to do the 450 cam swap? since i can probably get one cheap on ebay from someone that upgraded to hot cams.

I had $5 on that. You can't see enough of the C post to give it away as a Mopar. My son thought it was a '66 GTO.

To swap the cam, you.....swap the cam.:excuseme: It does require special timing, though.


that's where i was having problems. not enough c post.and could not see the front fender good enough.

knew it was either an early b mopar or an early chevelle/gto

lol. you guys are great! mopar and yzf fans......

Chevy, actually. Then Mopar. But I'd buy a '65 GTO in a heartbeat.

mopar then chevy in my books, but I am stuck working at a gm dealership so.... gray my boss has a 65 gto convertible 4speed that will bark the back tires going in to 4th at about 100.he has about 10k in the motor alone. fun car !!! The way I hear it, the guys who did the 400 were a bunch of old gear heads, so when the need to progress past the 400 a nice round number 426 "hemi number" happened to arrive !!!! I think that is a mopar number from somewhere........

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