Bent Radiator Repair Shops????????

Does anyone out there have a name and number for a shop that repairs bent radiators. My left radiator is bent causing the shroud to not fit properly. The 3 outside cores and side are bent mostly in the middle. Not too drastic. Don't want to spend 3 bills for a new one.

Thanks for the help.


(800)367-7699 (801)280-8040

Base Price is $35.00 for repair plus shipping. If really bad, extra work may add a little but I think he guarantees maximum price of $50? or $75? The shop is in Utah so you have to ship but he turns it around in one day. I sent mine US Postal Service Monday and had it back on Friday. Did a good job.

Thanks for the info John, both my radiators are pretty tweaked, probably more than the $35.00 repair :).


99 WR400




I just bent mine last week!! I was able to bend it back to near its orignal shape and get the shroud on. The money i saved i am going to get some gaurds, any suggestions.

Lots has been posted on this. Do a search and look at archives. I just tried to purchase the Thumper Racing gaurds. They are the kind that wrap around the front with vent holes. Thumpers are supposed to be the beefiest. Unfortunately they are one month back ordered. So I went with Devols @ $70.00 from Cycle Gear. They are almost identical but apparently a little thinner (but that could be fiction). With the wrap around design they prevent the rad from being crushed from the side as well as protect from being pushed back from frontal impact. If you want to get real beefy it seems you could install the Devol AND the Works Connection type that fit to the rear???? I don't know for sure -- Anyone tried that?

Thanks for the suggestion of using Myler's. I just received my radiator back and $35.00 later it looks great. I would highly recommend their services.

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Thanks guys,

I just sent my rad off yesterday to Mylers and they are sending it overnight, Phew...much better than having to buy a new one.


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