wheel spacer

I am thinking of getting rid of the front and rear light and going to a YZ number plate and rear fender. So I will remove the odometer as well. Do you use a spacer for the odometer off of a YZ 426?



I have a '99 WR with odo removed and the YZ spacer works fine. I doubt if they have changed for '00, but I don't know that for sure.

Someone posted earlier that Flatland Racing ( http://www.flatlandracing.com/ ) makes a YZ400 spacer for the WR. I would be suprised if the 426 used a different spacer...


Is there any reason why you cannot leave the odmeter hub on and just plug the cable opening? Has anyone ever seen a problem doing this? I have been running a YZ number plate and no odometer on my Wr for 2 seasons and haven't had a problem. I just greased it up prior to sealing it with a rubber vacum cap. I have replaced the cap about 5 times now but it's about 3 cents at the local harware store.

Just my 3 cents.....ha ha.


Hey Chuck:

I don't think there would be any problem leaving the odo drive on (as long as you seal the hole), but the thing feels like it weighs several pounds. Weight Weenies can't tolerate that :)

Get the one from Flatland racing. Its too trick looking to pass up.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

Thanks guys,

Milkman I just purchased the wheel spacer from Flatland. You are right.... it looks trick.


Good deal Kyle. You will be pleased with anything you purchase from them. I know the guy that owns the place (Mike Shown) and he is one heck of a nice guy. And hes a fast rider!


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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