Clark, What’s the verdict on the Dunlop 606?


A while ago you had mentioned that you were running a Dunlop 606 rear tire. I know you were a fan of the Dunlop 756, which I really like. How does the 606 compare to the 756 in: Traction on hard surfaces like hard pack clay and rocks? Traction in soft stuff like mud or sand? Wear?

I welcome any observations from others on the Dunlop 606. I am getting tired of changing rear tires. My WR eats them quickly.


Eric in WA

I love the 606 it lasts longer than the 756 and it works great as a dual sport tire. The only place the 756 is better is in true soft stuff like deep sand or extreamily deep good old forrest service dust. I have a feeling the 756 would also work better in muddy conditions, however, I do not ride in mud so have no opinion. The 606 works excellent in hard pack on all intermediate terrain, on fire roads and works very well but not excellent in soft stuff.

I will run the 606 through the summer months for the forrest riding and switch to the 756 in the winter to run in the desert.

I also tried the 756 front tire for the first time last week and think it is a fantastic front tire. I worked just as well as the DOT approved Michelin Enduro Com III, my standard front tire for the past 6yrs, and worked even better in the true soft stuff. The 756 is also about $12-$15 less expensive than the Michelin. I'm sold on the Dunlop 756 front and the 606 and 756 rears.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 07-05-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 07-05-2000).]

I am also running Clark's combo on my DRZ. My bike came with the 756's and I purchased the 606 rear for inspection and dualsport. The 606 works great on anything but mud and real soft dirt. I currently switched back to the 756 rear because we've gotten alot of rain and our areas are fairly soft to begin with. The 300 miles I had on the 606 where uneventful until I rode in the mud one day. Not an enjoyable experience. So I switched back. In dry hard pack conditions the tire is excellent.

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