Hey Matt Porritt, translation please

What does Bugga mean? I remember I saw the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral and Hugh Grant was saying Bugga numerous times while in a precarious predicament. I assume it's a "bad word". I saw you say it in the OEM 426 thread. Just wondering if there was an American translation.

Here is the full run down,

Bugger > ****

Bit of a bugger > That is real bad

Clever bugger > Smart person

Dozy bugger > Stupid person

Bugger off > Go away

Bugger me dead > Well dear me

Don't bugger about > Don't muck around

Silly buggers > Playing the fool

Bugger all > Nothing

Buggered > Exhausted

Go to buggery > Go away

Like buggery > An awful lot (eg: hurts like buggery)

Bugger, look at the time I need to get some work done, I have done bugger all today, to much buggerising around on this forum :)


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Yip.. as Rod put it.. but us Kiwis invented it! :)

Toyota used it REALLY well in a Hulix add (Takoma in the USA?)

Anyway.. 'ahhh bugga..' = 'ahhh s.h.i.t'

Its part of the ENGLISH language.. something you yanks will never be able to speak! :D:D:D



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