WB exhaust, s-bend or pro-meg.

What is the difference between the s-bend and pro-meg WB exhaust system?. The two have the same performance?. Physically, the two are same?. What is better?.

Thank from Tilisarao, Argentina, WR400F´99.


A megaphone exhaust (pro-meg) has a tapered pipe from where it enters the muffler to somwhere near where it meets the headpipe. The megaphone boosts mostly top-end horsepower.

The s-bend is for sombody that wants more power in low-end and mid-range. It's pipe diameter is constant from the muffler to the headpipe.


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Like Moto-Mike said the S-Bend is a pipe for down low performance, but there are 2 S-Bends. One has a 2" diameter (the shorty) and the other which is about 4" longer and has an internal diameter of 1-3/4, this is the "Hawkins Replica" or sometimes known as the WR E-Series, and the other sometimes the YZ E-Series.

Anyway my point being, the Hawkins S-Bend is even better for bottom end and midrange than the short S-Bend. Actually they say that all Randy Hawkins need to beat the opposition is an E-Series on a WR400, and no other mods, how true ? Don't know. If it is then he is another Shane Watts who has won on 5 different KTM EXC's in the GNCC, some 2 stroke, some 4 stroke, and he doesn't even modify them, he is truly a freak !!


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What happen if I put WB e-serie SHORTY on may WR400.

Elian I have a couple of different pipes I run on my 00'WR. I have a MegaMax and it make good bottom end and has strong mid range pull. The e-series s-bend shorty has awesome low end and mid range. It rips on the top end. It is kinda on the loud side though. I might want to sell it because I have to keep it quieter in the woods where I've been going. Let me know


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