Oil Cooler

Has anyone had any experience with fitting an oil cooler to a YZ 400/426. I had a JAGG Oil Cooler on my XR 650 and was told that it would greatly benefit the engine's life-span. Does anyone know if someone makes a similar system for the YZF? Even though it's liquid cooled, it would seem to me that an oil cooler would also benefit this motor ... especially if prolonged high speed riding might be a regular occurance. I haven't checked with JAGG yet (but intend to shortly).


Where would you put one that it would not be destroyed in a crash, or punctured in the middle of nowhere? I ride mine pretty darn hard in the woods and on the track. I have never has problems overheating.

Bonzai :)

wud an oil cooler off an xr400 work?

yamakaze what are you using for colliant ? im using silkoline pro cool and my 98 wr400 gets to hot in the woods .

Actually, There's always a way to build a better mouse trap. How about behind a well vented well protected front number plate? Just a quick thought! and it would give ole-blue a larger supply of it's life's blood.


The "fitting-it-on" issue is always a pain. I had to fabricate mounts on the XR650, but was able to tuck it in on the left side down near the crank case (above and somewhat behind the skid plate for some protection -- I had a true skid plate, not a "glide plate", so it stuck out to protect the side cases and there was some room there for the air cooler). Since the YZF carries relatively little oil, and rev's so high that it really "uses" the oil it carries pretty heavily, I surprised someone hasn't already made an aftermarket cooler for it.

TOM.... I'm Using Engine-Ice. So Far I have not had any issues with heating. Also you should check your water pump blades and ensure you havn't had one break or crack causing a loss of flow. I know many people using 50/50 prestone with no adverse effects.

Bonzai :)

Actually it's a darn good idea! If somebody would make a direct bolt-on I would buy/install it for extra oil capacity + the extra cooling.


Why install an oil cooler on a liquid cooled engine???? The air cooled Honda motors are tough on oil and benefit from an oil cooler.

Is this really needed on a WR??

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:) Quite!, Most high and some not so high performance Cars, use oil coolers...cos they cool the oil, regardless of the engines main cooling source (oil/air/water) so long as the oil doesn't get too cold,(not really likely for you guy's) it is more likely to help than harm, and as SoCal says, the extra capacity can only help you!


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