XR 600 good for MX ?

I have a Suzuki DR 650, great all around dual sport bike but too heavy and fragile to ride fast in the dirt. I am looking for a second street legal bike, ideally smaller, for play riding and a bit of MX, ( I have looked at the DRZ 400E,XR 400 and 250) .

I just came across a cheap XR 600 that looks in good condition. I have always loved the look of the bike and I have known some guys riding hard with it even on MX track. Not to mention XR 600 hero Scott Summers who always made me want to get one. Will this bike be fun on a MX track considering that I weigh only 150 lbs ? Does it feel a whole lot heavier than a 250 2 strokes for example ? How does it feelcompared to the DR 650 ? What's its actual weight ? I see 272 lbs reported by Dirt Rider but other sources say upwards of 280 lbs (dry)

I have had two stock 600s and an HRC 628, they sucked for MX. If you are as strong as a gorilla and are determined, you might be able to hack it.

If you are as strong as a gorilla and are determined, ... thats funny .. that pretty much describes Scott Summers, He's like the Chuck Norris of the off-road world ... He could just carry his bike for a win...

don’t forget about the frame and suspention flex. Even while desert riding, once I start the pushing my XR it starts acting weird due to all the flex. It's a great off road bike, but I cant see it running on an MX track, at least with any speed.

It just doesn't have the suspension for a MX track. While I'm sure it could be done, I sure wouldn't be doing doubles on my 600. You could make your way around one, but you will get smoked kids on 125's. Maybe even kids on 80's. They will be flying over your head.

However, for general dirt riding it is much better than the DR. Less weight and better suspension. It is sort of half way between your DR and a true MX bike like a CRF. I ride mine off road only and take it on just about anything no matter how tight and nasty.

Before I got my MX bike, I would pratice at the local track with my XR. It's great in the straights and corners. The table tops and small doubles, no problem, but I would roll everything else. If you want to race forget it! If your track has a vintage track, the XR does just fine. Have fun, that's the main thing. :ride:

You're gonna get hurt trying to MX that bike. LOL

ya just use it for dualsport riding. or desert. MX, LOL!:bonk:

The XR600 won quite a few 4-stroke MX national titles in the 90's.

I could see a lighter XR400 or 250 fairing decently(but not competitively) on an MX track, but a 600? Might as well take your car out there. :crazy:

The XR600 won quite a few 4-stroke MX national titles in the 90's.

not today!LOL!:busted:

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