Stoneyford the 9th of July "NOT TO SOON"

Okay you Nor Cal guys. The 9th is a week away. We need an meeting point, A time and a place. For those that have been there we need a cental point that we can all recognize and recognize for the guys that have never been there before. Let's get it going. I am jazzed. For me this is a pre MOAB ride and meet. I cannot wait. My new "Big Gun SDS system" should be complete by next weekend and I am ready and willing to try it out. Let's get this together. Let me know via this forum or email and we can put it all in place. READY to ride.



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

Hay mike i;am here we should have a good ride it;s cooling down. are you coming in from sacto. on i-5 or across the valley by marysville?I talk to mike in sillicon valley about meeting at bill&kathy truck stop at 7;300 am on the 9th thats on i-5 just south of arbuckle.What do you think on that or suggest a place.


Hi guys,

Just got back from grizzly flats, what a great place to ride. Had a few good spills but I felt like I made some progress in my riding ability.As far as Stoneyford is concerned you guys name the place and I'll be there. Bill & Kathy's sounds like a good place where we can get a bite to eat.

MOnty, Mike in Silicon, Bill and Kathy's sounds great. Monty what exit and can you see from the I 5. We can certainly meet there (730am???) can do that. Sounds like a central good location. Let me know and we shall be there. Grizzly Flats!!!, Mike I want to go. We can discuss more on the 9th. Psyched!!!!!


mike bill&kathy exit is 2nd one after the 5o5 and I-5 merge on your right. i'll have my cell phone on 707-479-2742.I got [RATSO] from the DRZ forum comeing also we will be at bill&kathy at 7;20am temp should be in the 80to86 aera up high should be 65to75 area.We will have a great ride i'll show some good area's to come back to.We want be able to ride all the area,you would need [3] days,[a camping trip ya].


Monty, got it covered, my cell is 916-622-3385 and will plan on meeting at Bill and Kathy's by 730am. 3 days huh!!! As long as squeezed into one is great, but look forward to an awesome day 3 in 1. Jonzing for this one.


Right on I will see you guys there at 7;30am on the 9th.


Sounds good,

I'll be there also. My cell # is (408) 640-7641.


Sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it to Stonyford this weekend. My wife is coming up from Long Beach to do the house shopping thing. Suppose, a house is more important.

Keep us posted on the next ride - Grizzly flats or Stonyford again?


Ok Brian we will make a run for spet.oct.nov. these are very good months for stonyford it will be a little cooler and wet thast when it realy gets fun.We will have to have a [2]day camp out, good spot for camping.But for now your going to miss a good one.Buy the house on sat. ride on sun.Just kedding.


Did any one see the weather report tonight for stonyford? Thunderstorms and rain poss. tomarow also that should make for some good ridding.Also i know the georetown aera real good i have lade out enduros up there mybe we could go to georgetown in aug.or sept.



They're saying a chance of showers today in parts of northern Cal. Let's hope we get some rain to keep down the dust!

A little rain would be just fine with me.There calling for more stoms on friday hope hope.


Ready to roll , will be at Bill and Kathy's at 730am. John and I ,, First ride with the new Big Gun SDS system. Can't wait to try. Little rain would be great for the dust, but I eat dust most of the time anyway so a little more won't hurt. See you guys on Sunday.



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