why do i feel like i'm on ice??

yesterday i took my 03 yz450f out for a first time ride..i was totally blown away with the power and i am very pleased with it!..for some reason though..when i am riding on hard packed dirt/sand..like a dirt road..i feel like i am almost plowing and deffinately riding on ice..on the gravel roads and hard rock..i feel fine..tracks great!..does anyone know why i feel like i'm on ice? its mainly the front only..because i know when you hit the throttle in the dirt road youi lose the backend like no one's business.. :) ..here is my set up..running maxxis in front and dunlop in back.(that's all i had)..i cranked on the rear spring to make the bike taller and stiffer..i also adjusted my rebound damping to come up slowly..so i don't get bucked off..so does anyone have any ideas why i feel so slippery when i'm riding?? i really would like some opinions..its kinda scarey riding like that..haha

yea that is easy....the front end is not planted. A better tire combo is needed for hardpack period. I use Michelin MS3s front and rear to help but remember the center of gravity COG for the 03-05 is higher than a 06-08. There a 2 fixes to try to get it to turn better that are available to us. Storm Racing Link or new offset triple clamps. This is combination with tuned sag and Rebound/Compression settings will help the front end be more planted, less steering vagueness and much better cornering. I use the StormRacing Link and 105mm of rear sag

Also if your bike does not have a flywheel weight - you will get a tremendous amt of rear wheelspin. This is the normal nature of a stock 03. A heavier flywheel will help it hook up much better. I use a 5oz GYTR on mine

thanx! im trying to do it for free.. :) ..so about the sag/compression/damping..what would you recomend?? like i said before..i made the rear sit really high because i'm about 6'1 255..and i made th erebound come up slow..so that would put more weight up front to get it to plant right? -josh

you will get a tremendous amt of rear wheelspin. This is the normal nature of a stock 03. A heavier flywheel will help it hook up much better. I use a 5oz GYTR on mine
I had that flywheel on mine, then went to a Dr. D 8 oz. I like the 8 better; more traction, no performance penalty. I'd go right to the 8.

On the '03, run the fork oil level at around 120-110mm, and us no more damping in either direction than you have to. The rebound clicker also has an effect on mid stroke compression on the old KYB forks, and to much rebound will create harshness and a skittish front wheel over small bumps and rough surfaces.

i haven't touched the front forks..only the back shock..that's where i did my rebound damping adjustment..on the back only..so will i just have to get used to the squirelly front end in dirt? because it is pretty bad in dirt and sand..

It's a "feature".

haha..niiiice..i like features...but not this one

haha..niiiice..i like features...but not this one

remember loose dirt and sand is completely diff than hardpack when it comes to front end ....

Grey is right increase oil vol in Fork by 5ccs until you get a desired result. Until you have $ to spend for correct springs for your weight 255lbs increase the dampning on the compression and rebound

ok i'll look into it and keep riding! thanx guys-josh

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