How much power gain with full exhaust for 01 yz426.

Ive heard that the stock systems for these bikes are pretty good. As for power gains with after market exhaust. Do they just move the power curve around or do they add significant grunt?

Also, what is the stock power output of an 01' yz426. With 03' cam?

-Anyone have a thunder alley exhaust on their 426, brand new for a whole system they are only $350. Are they good?

Thanks for the help.

The stock exhaust is pretty good. I only noticed a little gain through the mid-top when I put an FMF muffler on. I now have a full Jardine rt-4 and it is a better system in terms of quality over FMF. Depending on your style of riding might not be the most beneficial use of money. Looking back when I first got my bike I should have dumped the first 300 bones into rad guards, bark busters, or some other cool upgrade that could really help. Unless you can get the exhaust for cheap, that looks cool too. Sorry for the speech. Good luck. Check my 2000 in my garage. I have spent a bit getting it how I want.


LPT- for the 01 just get the TA slip-on, the header won't do much more than just the slip on for you. I had one on my old 00 and it ripped, very good pipe especially for the $. Probably should have put one on my 06 also, but I went with a Dr. D instead.

Thanks, i think im def. gonna buy a TA pretty soon.

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