L windsheild link.

I had thought about getting one of those for winter commuting. It gets pretty chilly up here in January/February.

Hope it's OK to link to a post on another board.




National cycle screen can be used on multiple bikes. Fast on or off without any tools. Ride long distance slab to dirt with it on... Couple spins of a wheel and you have your screen off and ready for the dirt. Cleaner air on helmet than a laminar lipped screen IMHO and no head shake. I have tried both styles, but NOT the Cee Bailey so take it for what it is worth.


i would put one on but i think they look corny.

I don't like the way it makes the bike look,but it sure beats the heck out of wind hitting you on the interstate at 80 mph.I may just have to get one.

i would put one on but i think they look corny.

I agree they do look corny. That is why I want one that comes off and goes on FAST and with little hassle and no tools. Mine stays OFF the bike unless I am doing a LONG slab run. Not long ago, I ran 150Mi of slab to a park to run dirt. Ran 120 miles of dirt and rode home another 150mi. During the trip home, leaning into the wind (and of course RAIN) got old real fast. If I had it, I could have ridden comfortably on slab and removed it for the dirt ride at slower speeds. If pretty much lives off the bike, but gives me much more comfortable rides on long slab runs.

Oh, here is the ride I was talking about...


I also ride ALL winter and long COLD rides suck when the mercury plummets. A little faring helps out a LOT on those days.


That's nice I think. So you have the deflector screen DX one.

Which one though?


Clear Screen, 7/8" (22mm) Bars


Clear Screen, 1" (25mm) Bars


Tint Screen, 7/8" (22mm) Bars This one ?


Tint Screen, 1" (25mm) Bars

ALL the hardware can be removed with no tools ?


Ordered one extra set of handlebar mounts for my VF1100S Sabre. If you look on my XR bars with shield off, you see 2 round mounts. These are grooved mounts with a tapped center and they stay mounted on the bike at all times. You have a thumbscrew that screws into this from the windscreen. When you go to mount screen all you have to do is thumbwheel screw it into these mounts and adust rake angle on the shield bar to your preference. Nice thing about this shield is you can also change the rake angle. If you need more or less coverage, simply raise or lower this angle. Some guys report straight up angles on shields are more prone to head shake. If that happens, just adjust the angle back towards the rider a tad. Works for me.



Here it is mounted on my Sabre...


if you want a windshield, buy a goldwing!:p:busted:

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