I seem to remember someone talking about purchasing a rad. a hell of alot cheaper than from the dealership. Could that person please step forward and give the info again. I would really appreciate it.




I busted mine wide open on a rock a year ago. Try Parts warehouse at 1800-860-0686

or try Banzai Motorsports at (847)362-7110

They were both about 200 bucks cheaper than my dealer. And they had it in stock....

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Don't know if it was me or not, and I'm not trying to talk anybody up, but I had good luck with Colorado Powersports. It was as inexpensive as I found and they delivered when they said they would. I know they have a toll free number but I can't find it. Toll number is 303/447-3500


I have radiators for sale that fit '98-99 models.

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