Bark Buster has busted Bark

Any one have any hints on how to secure bark busters on the bar. I have a pair of maier brand bark busters and it seems like no matter what I do they will not stay in the right position, the tend to flop down after the first slight hit. I've tried tighting the bolts equally on the bar, i.e. little bit top the bottom so I have equal amounts of space on each side of the clamp, then tightening end and any other combination. I even put some cut rubber strips from an inner tube inside the clamp area on the bar to give it more bite, and torqued them as tight as I can, and the things still start to drop down after a slight hit. I have acerbis on the xr and never had this problem. ANY HELP OUT THERE APPRECIATED.

You might try and turn those little screw thingys on each side of the handlebar clockwise real hard. When it becomes hard to turn then stop.


Sorry man! Us Moab guys have to start being smartasses to one-another now so we can get the max enjoyment out of our trip.

I really didn't have anything else constructive to say!



Do the Maier's have aluminum or rubber bar inserts? One set of bark busters I saw had a silly little bolt covered in rubber that when tightened, expanded to fit the inside of the bars. I like the fastener set from Acerbis better. It uses offset aluminum pieces to bite the inside.

Second note, I kind of like mine to turn a bit. I'm guessing it deflects a little of the impact - huh? I keep all my levers and triple clamps under-torqued so they will twist (and then twist back) in the event of a crash. Certainly not loose, but loose enough that they don’t bend/break. Nothing professional about it - well except the crashing. I'm damn good at that! Any ideas?


So Jake how come you broke both handguards in one day?

Personally, I run teflon tape under the clutch perch & throttle clamps to allow a little give.

Check out Summers Racing handguard mounts - they go to the triple clamp for the inboard mount. Kinda pricey, but looks pretty clean.


HA. Everytime we go riding someone always brings up the story of Jake breaking both handguards on one ride on two separate wrecks.

Sorry Jake, but I find myself smiling just thinking about that :)

But hey, don't feel bad, I'm the dummy that doesn't use them and ends up replacing three levers on one ride.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

I use the even cheaper Taiwan copies, and I don't have any problems....But you might try wrapping a strip of sandpaper around the rubber "expander" before you put it in....or scratch up the inside of the bar for more grip....or put blue loctite on the inside.

I tried to get the SRC (Sommers Racing) handguards to fit on my WR for 2 days, and eventually then sent them back for a refund. SRC was apologetic and said that they will design a kit specifically for the WR. Problems: 1) After shortening the bars 1" off each end, the throttle side guard was correct, but the clutch side guard was 1/2" too long. No way to adjust anything, but to bend one of the guards. 2) "Shorty" levers are the only ones which will fit inside the guards! 3) No provision to mount the WR headlight. The SRC triple clamp guard mounts interfere with all the headlight mounting hardware, plus the upper front brake guide. 4) Goofy plastic tubes get expanded to hold the bar ends in.

Too bad, I really liked the SRC triple-clamp mounting postion, the guards were very lightweight, and looked cool because they're different. I'll definitely revisit their product when they release the WR kit.

Originally posted by Steve Morgan:

I tried to get the SRC (Sommers Racing) handguards to fit on my WR for 2 days, and eventually then sent them back for a refund. SRC was apologetic and said that they will design a kit specifically for the WR.

I just installed a set of the SRC's on a WR. They have obviously changed their fit problems. These were perfect. My buddy is running full levers and Jimmy Button Renthals which are almost an inch over the stocks. The SRC's arrived in three packages. 1 for the WR, 1 for the Jimmy Button's and 1 for the standard fitting and fasteners. I was very impressed with their engineeing, but you could quickly see they can't be swapped from bike to bike - like the Acerbis. They provided maybe an inch of adjustment for cut-down bars.

I took a particular interest because of that ride Dougie mentioned :) and my new found habit of bouncing off of properly placed hard objects instead of turning. It takes much less energy :D


The maiers have alum inserts and the whole set up is weak garbage, I will have to buy the acerbis as I like to crash alot and moab will surely eat a few levers if I dont, and whats that Bryan guy mean by turn those screw things, you mean you can tighten the bolts, thats strange I thought the duct tape and glue should have done the job. Either that or the duct tape and toilet paper helmet I made arent doing the job and I am missing something

I run the meier woods pro w/ Renthal rider bars. The fit is perfect-the easiest install I have ever had! I use allen head sockets to torque to get them tight. Maybe the bend of your bar is the culprit?

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