Common Issues?

Hey all. Just got a '00 YZ 426F from a HD dealer yesterday. They said that it didn't run (no spark) and made me a good deal. Got it home, checked the spark plug (that was a bear to get out) and it had spark. Put it back in and the beast fired right up!:applause:

I have this machine, and I am not a complete novice, although I haven't ridden in almost 20 years. Can anyone tell me if there are any common issues with this model that have easy fixes? Would like to take care of them now, before I am stuck on a trail somewhere.:eek:

I used to have an IT 490, and she vibrated one or two bolts loose every weekend. Lots of lock-tight and that problem was taken care of. This one is already missing some bolts, and others are loose. Don't know if they vibrated loose, or if they were removed during maintenance and just not replaced.

Are there any bolts that are prone to coming loose and falling off that I need to pay special attention to over the next several days (as I go over my bike with a fine tooth comb)?

On the left side of the carb, there are two slide levers. One is red, and just above that is a black one. I guessed that the black one is the choke (pulled it out and the bike started on the second kick). What is the red one for?

I am sure that I will have more questions, but right now I am just too excited to sit here and think of them.:ride:

Welcome! The red knob on the carb is a hot start. The 00 426F is a very solid bike, there really aren't any major problems with them. If there were, they've likely been addressed already. I would at least pull the clutch cover (right hand side of the motor) and inspect the clutch for wear- look for grooves in the basket and notches in the fingers on the pressure plate. Check all the common stuff too, like all the bearings, sprockets, etc. for worn out parts. It would also be a good idea to check the valve clearances to see if they are in spec. The 00 is a solid ride, I think you'll enjoy it. Let us know if you have any more questions, and welcome to TT! :thumbsup:

I have had my 2000 since it was new. Two things to look at. The subframe bolts tend to loosen up. I also had a funny engine ticking that I could not find after checking and changing a ton of things I found the problem. It was the RH primary drive nut off the crank. The nut lock washer was not folded over from the factory. Took me forever to find. You have to take the big RH cover off to see it. A worth while check in my opinion. But. it is a sweet ride, gobs of balls. Good Luck!!!

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