I need a softer seat...an assembled one though

I've only got three months left here in Iceland then I get to go home to the family and my WR :). I want to order some stuff for the scoot before I get there, so it will be ready for me to install. Anyways, I know I want to buy the Clarke tank for sure. Despite the stupid embossed logo on it, it sounds like its the best fitting. Any ideas on which seat I should purchase? I dont want to have to assemble a brand new seat (i.e., buying a base, foam and cover seperately) I want the stock height (no taller anyway) and I dont want another stupid logo on it like IMS or something. Having a logo on the tank is bad enough, dont want one on the seat too. I would prefer it to be somewhat softer than stock if anyone makes one that fits my description. I know I sound picky...but I only want to have to do it once and want to get it right the first time. Thanks in advance guys.

Come on fellas..ok so I know I sounded picky in the other post, but surely someone has an idea. Is there any particular YZ seat that was a little softer than another? Do all IMS seats have the logo on them? I seem to recall they offer a somewhat softer seat.

I also do not like logos on things like a seat. Not to worry, a little lacquer thinner on a rag will remove ANY logo. Just don't go crazy with the stuff 'cuase it might damage the item you are trying to remove the logo from. I have done this over the years to every new bike I get (the "YAMAHA" on the seat was gone is sixty seconds) without any problems. Oh yeah, don't smoke while doing this. Kaboom!

Hey Vincent,

Good hearing from you again! Hey I got new foam and a cover from Guts Racing, then had a shop install the stock plastic. On KerryT’s recommendation, I went to a small upholstery shop here in Denver. The guy took the seat in at 8:00 am and had it done by lunch for 20 bucks. I don’t have a full exchangeable stocker, but $20 is cheaper than you will find a replacement form.

I bought their tall/firm foam, but I swear it is MUCH more comfortable than the stock foam. I know they offer the stock height – soft. You might contact Baja Designs or A-Loop (all their seat products are Guts). They could get you a better read on the seats for you.

Hey – a few of us Denver folks are thinking about the Cloudcroft, NM enduro this October. Do you know anything about it? I heard it wasn’t too technical, but a ton of fun! Maybe, we could hook up there?


IMS sells the whole seat or part of it. You can buy softer foam and/or a different cover.

I, myself, do not know of any other after market complete seat other than the IMS.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark, got forked by Pro Action.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitch?!!

I did the seat covers on my XR600 & KX500 with an electric stapler and swore I'd pay someone to do the next one.

Well, the next one was my wife's XR250 (had to do it on short notice - no chance to have a shop do it)and a buddy of mine helped me out - we used his air stapler and had it done in an hour w/o any problems or wrinkles. I went and bought the same stapler from Harbor Freight & Salvage for $50 when we got back from Mexico. My point is - go buy the right tool and it will literally pay for itself. I'm actually looking forward to installing the Guts tall foam & cover on my WR.

I'll post the stapler PN in the next day or two.


Hey Jake, yeah I know about the Cloudcroft "Mile Hi" Enduro. Its right up in my back yard, about 16 miles from my house. It may not be technical, but it is a blast. We have a ton of trails, a mix of dirt, mud and rocks. Its at an altitude of 8,000 to 9,300 feet. Temp that time of the year is around 60 to 65 degrees. really nice riding weather up there. Some years are muddier than others depending on what kind of monsoons we get that summer. Nothing too soupy though, mainly just surface mud and puddles. Its run through mainly single track, criss crossing some old forest service roads here and there. Running mainly in pine trees. Very beautiful and scenic riding. They usually get a pretty good turnout and the club puts on a really good event. You can stay in my town (Alamogordo) at anyone of the motels or KOA. Its a quite little town of 30,000 people. Lots of good Mexican food too. :)

I recently purchased a Tall/Soft foam from Factory Effex (800-866-0709, 661-255-5611 Valencia, CA)for my '98 WR 400 and I must say I sure wish I had it two years ago. The foam is so much more comfortable than the cinder block that comes stock on the Yamaha bikes. If only I would have had it last November during the LA-Barstow to Vegas ride I would avoided major monkey Butt.

They also have the standard height seat foam that is of a softer compound than stock, however being 6'5" tall the extra height of the tall was a welcome benefit. It was extremely easy to re-attach the foam to the stock plastic and put the stock cover back on.

Go for it. It's not that tough and you will be extremely happy with the results.


'98 WR400

Good advice...thanks.

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