Sneeky software you might be interested in.

OK, I'm really not that big of a computer geek. But one cold winter day several years ago before ThumperTalk, I was bored. And, I was tired of Lan Admins and Managers having the access to my private e-mails at work. A good friend of mine saw someone in his office fired over an e-mail that she sent that put down her manager. That pissed me off!

So I created a cool software program called 'The Encrypter'. It allows you to enter text into a box, enter a key value and password, and encrypt the message into what looks like jibberish. that Encrypted text can then be cut and pasted into any mail software. So it is platform independant although you need Windows '95 or NT or greater to run my software. Plus it runs stand alone on your machine so it can't be as easily detected since it's not registered and not tied into the mail system.

It also allows you to create and maintain a password file with lots of passwords and that file is also encrypted.

I use a variation of an encryption routine developed by the Germans in WWII. But I've made it even more complicated. Can someone crack my algorythm? Any algorythm can be cracked but I'll bet it is good enough for e-mail use.

If you are interested, send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a self extracting zip file and instructions for it's use.


Not really a computer geak?? I can hear the pens leaking in your pocket protector all the way over here in Oregon!!!!!

Hahaha...glad he said it, cause I was thinking it!! Lmao... :)

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