switching from 02 yz250f to 00 yz426f

Last year my dad and I got a 02 yz250f and 00 yz426f. It was my first bike so I started on the 250f. Now I have grown in skill and size(I am 6'3 175). My dad is 5'10 160 and is having trouble just with the weight of the 426 in the trails. I think we are going to switch bikes since I am younger and bigger. We ride only trails and mostly double track, much of which is very tight. SO since I am getting the 426 what should I do to it?

I was reading previous threads and am curious?

how well does the disconnecting the light blue wire work?

what can I do to lower the weight? (on a budget)

since I am riding tight stuff how do I make the wr puke tank fit and how much is it?

will it be that much harder to handle in the tight stuff for me?

there isn't much you can do to lower the weight of the bike on a budget except for aluminum/ti/carbon parts but that'll only lighten it so much. would be easier to just ride it and get stronger to throw it around.

edit: you could also lower the center of gravity with a radiator lowering kit and probably other stuff but that'll make it feel lighter.

IMO the puke tank is not needed. I rode an 00 YZ 426F for 6 years and the only time I ever boiled was following a youngster on a TT-R 90. I never messed with the blue wire on my bike, so I don't know how much that will help you.

i have asv c5's for my 250f that i just bought. I was just going to transfer them or buy new ones, but the brake levers are the same and on ebay it says that the unniversal ones do not work with yr 2000 426's. DOes asv make some that do work? or could I swap the whole perches and reservoirs?

Disconnecting the blue wire does more or less nothing to affect the performance in any way. The blue wire runs to the neutral switch, which grounds that wire when in neutral only. This tells the CDI the bike's in neutral, which lowers the rev limit, and retards the ignition timing in response. Some 426's may be easier to start with the blue wire disconnected because that's just how they are, but most aren't. Disconnecting the wire simply produces the same timing and rev limit in neutral as the bike has in any other gear already. Personally, I usually ride my bikes in gear most of the time anyway. :cool:

This mod is not the same as the gray wire mod for WR's in any way.

yeh i knew it didnt help performance but was curious if it did actually help starting. It already has the 03 cam so I dont need that but I am planning on buying radiator braces(what brands still make them for it?) frame guards,and bar risers? anything else i should get?

Rad braces I suggest Works Connection- mine on my old 426 took a lot of abuse and held up well (with never a bend rad). Frame guards don't do much if the paint's already gone, but they do give you a bit more area to grip. Pro Taper bars, good handguards, TM designworks chain slider, decent chain and sprockets, Zip Ty fuel screw, and a good sparky are a good start.

the seats,tanks and shrouds are the same right?

i just switched the tanks and seats to keep my new graphics and seat cover and they seemed to be exactly the same but i just wanted to make sure there arent any unseen differences.

Now I just need to transfer the trailtech vapor, get some radiator braces, put on my new kevlar grips, and get used to the new weight and power.

does anyone know how much more weight I will be riding with switching from an 02 250f to 00 426?

Dees anyone know, will there be any problems with switcing the front brake reservoirs between the two bikes in order to keep the asv brake lever?

Why wouldn't you just switch the levers? Then you won't have to worry about compatibilty, and you won't have to bleed two front brakes.

the clutch levers are the same but the brake levers do not match.

Just swap the whole assembly from bike to bike to keep you from having to bleed them- they should swap straight over no worries.

the calipers too? that would be sweet because i have the trailtech vapor and it would save me having to drill the caliper for the magnet sensor. of course i will loose the steel brake line but thats ok. thanks for the idea i will try it tomorrow

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