Let's see your 400f's

When I first got it a week ago.

Things I'm doing:

New tires front and back

New rear tube

Painted the exhaust to stop and prevent the rusting

Possibly changing the water pump system. I'll upload new pics when I'm done.


Here is my 98 YZ400F.


The guy before me didnt take care of it at all.


So I redid some things on it.


Wiseco Top End and Piston Kit 12.5:1

New gaskets

New seals all the way around

New sleeve for cylinder

New tires front and back

New shock oil/shock seals

New fuel lines


Doing vavle adjustment in the next couple weeks though


Next is

New plastics

New brake pads


But all in all great power. Will pick the front wheel of the ground easy.









Here is mine all original 99 picked it up from a buddy at work, needs a carb cleaning.





Bought mine as a none runner now just need someone to re shim it and it's good to gi


here are some pictures of my old 99 wr400f with YZF tank & plastics






just picked up a 98 YZ400F runs goods but needs a little TLC $700 off craigslist.yz5.jpgyz.jpgyz2.jpgyz3.jpgyz4.jpg

Had this girl since July  of last year. Got for $600 on CL running rough. Needed valves shimmed and new timing chain. Also added a 2007 YZ450 carb. It came with the hot cam already installed. Had it on track, trails, desert, woods. Rocks em all. This bike is a classic - literally.  :thumbsup:



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Apologies Gray. Was trying to do too much with one post I suppose. Will get it fixed.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1393966489.287778.jpg

My new to me yzf400

1998 yz400f



picture 139.jpg

picture 140.jpg

Looks great Frakllynn. Do you know where you got those graphics? I can't find em anywhere.

Here's mine just got done the rebuild only had one problem the carb pisses fuel now...




Looks great Frakllynn. Do you know where you got those graphics? I can't find em anywhere.

those was the factory effects graphics from a couple years back

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1394860565.662897.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395457424.067261.jpg
ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395580510.354899.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395580527.969393.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395580540.686718.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395580560.171553.jpg

photo 2.JPG

mine was majorly neglected by previous owner.


so I rebuilt the entire bike.


now I own the BEST 1999 YZ400F on earth.

I am sure of this because no one else is silly enough to spend $6000+ on a 15 yr old bike


Excel A60 rims and spokes with Talon hubs front and rear

wave rotors, blue chain/sprocket

2008 YZ250 Shock, forks and triple clamps

2" handle bar raise mounts with pro taper contour RM mid bars 

ASV unbreakable levers blue

new radiators

2008 YZ450f Carb

Gripper seat cover

new plastics and graphics kit


it looks like something u'd see in the professional AMA


and now for the engine work


hotcams intake and exhaust

kibble white valves, seals and springs

polished ports and combustion chamber

wiseco cam chain

wiseco 13.5:1 hi-comp piston

hot rods connecting rod

crank rebuild

Hinson Slipper clutch

all bearings and gears/shift forks replaced

MSD programmable CDI

FMF PowerBomb header with PowerCore 4 silencer


deck and head machined giving a whopping ............wait for it...........14.7 : 1 compression ratio

runs on 115 octane E85 race fuel

dyno tuned carb and ignition timing making a huge 62hp


been running hard for 6 months now, I was sure it would explode under full throttle with the insane compression


will post pics of the bike tomorrow after I wash it

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Going to take my new baby on its second ride since I bought it! I got it last Thursday then took it out Saturday (i took it to knolls Utah. It worked great in sand!) and have been messing with all the tuning and jetting so it runs better In the Utah desert I think it should be running perfect for this weekend at yuba lake

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1402602079.195591.jpg

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