Let's see your 400f's



Just realised it's 15 years old. Feel old now lol

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Here's mine


99 YZ400F


Mines a 99...FMF TI4 and power bomb. Big bore kit and MX33s possibly coming soon.image.jpg

Got a 99 400f and i love it plenty of power never let me down since i got her a year ago have done alot to it since i got her used to be an old beater she looks good now and goes hard as with the new kenda carlsbad knobby loves the back wheel,wouldnt idle and was an absolute mongrel to start when i got it idles sweet and can kick first second kick now absolutely love it only problem is the 5th gear is blown been like it since i got it going to get it fixed soon

Absolutely love it! Nothing but a powerhouse

How do you post photos?

How do you post photos?

There an options bar somewhere when your typing something that let's you add it

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440743069.418059.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440743133.101648.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440743185.236385.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440743217.982971.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440743241.683534.jpg. That is the progress of my yz400f don't have any pictures of it with the full sticker kit on though :/ and cant get one as i am away from it till christmas time,what do you's think?

Brand new plastics and sticker kit,kenda carlsbad tyre and a heap of other little goodies

99 Yz400f



ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444524541.930182.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444524578.912332.jpg

My baby

my recently bought 400 with 426 head, needs a bit of work but I love it!


Heres my 98 yz400f Queensland Australia.

It's actually a 444cc it has a 426 barrel and with oversize wiseco kit and hot cams to match. Dyno'd at 52hp. Still the nicest 400 if seen in the country. They are getting rare here.

Thats cool mine has a 426 head with a 444 oversize barrel and hotcams. Its an animal



what kind if work was in the 444 conversion kit? and did you just use 426 hot cams?

what kind if work was in the 444 conversion kit? and did you just use 426 hot cams?

its and oversize barrel and piston for a 426 and yea hot cams to suit 426 head.

its and oversize barrel and piston for a 426 and yea hot cams to suit 426 head.

How much did it cost for that mate


Here's my "Street Legal" California Plated 99 Yz400 that I got last year.

Bike still needs work, but runs great and a blast to cruise around the city with... Previous owner pretty much effed up the carb, but I upgraded the carb to a 06 450.

Also the previous owner messed up the head and got a hairline freeze crack in the head which they jb welded it and ran it that way for 2 years they said... I've rode it around on a couple hour cruises around town and its fine... But it's def next on list to get fixed... Plus maybe adding 5th gear.

Does anyone know if I can use/put a 2000-2002 Yz426 head on it to replace my current head?

Got the bike for stupid dirt cheap, and when I went to register it at DMV ended up with plates for it(after a brake and lamp inspection)




Mine is a 98 400 with a 426 head and works great, pulls like a train. Didn't realise that they made one with 4 gears??

"They" didn't.  Very rarely, you find one that was set up as a four speed for a race team, and the first generation YZ450F was a four speed, but otherwise they were all 5 speeds.

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