MX ride report

Well folks, I am not a great track rider, but we decided to give a newfound local track a try. We went to Grumpy Valley MX track in south-central ohio. This is a 1.4 mile track that is fairly rough. I am a wuss when it comes to big jumps, and sure enough there were lot's of them! Jay, you would love this place. There were singles, doubles, triples, tabletops and two sets of whoops-mostly difficult to impossible for me. Much easier than New Vienna which is quite dangerous, but way harder than Honda Hills in every aspect. The big jump at Honda Hills I can do no problem, not quite the case here.

The best part about the track was an underground sprinkler system-feels good to have some water jet on you while riding! The bad part was that most of the "easy" portions of the track was extremely loose and they actually use a farm plow on it instead of smoothing it out. Imagine riding through a recently planted wet clay corn field and you'll get the idea. Basically there was 1 and only 1 line around most of track, otherwise you would be in 4-6 inch loose clay soil with big nasty chunks and rocks. Stray off this line and you're in trouble! Passing was almost impossible on 1/2 the track. Am I a novice, or are other tracks as rough as this?

The guy running the place yelled at me for taking a cheater line-no problem I said but if the track was smoother, I wouldn't have to . Well this was the wrong thing to say, he was pretty ticked off (later apologized though). I probably shoulnd't have said anyting.

The track is not real popular, maybe some folks just don't know about it, maybe after one time of riding though the plowed areas turned folks off. But I can tell if if you fear not gravity, and don't mind riding in loose, wet, clay conditions with minimal lines, you may enjoy this place. Admission is $5 and is located near Tarlton off route 56 SE of Circleville. If anyone needs exact directions, I'll post them.

Anyway, didn't wreck-but came down on my rear tire and front tire both at the verge of losing it. I am finding it is best to keep the gas on and blip the throttle while hitting the jumps for smooth landings. Doing this one a 2 stroke will make the front end go too high, on the WR is works for me. I did have the pleasure of experiencing one hell of a tank slapper while braking into a loose corner-damn I need that steering damper! I am convinced if this bike wasn't so darn stable, I would have endoed it at about 30mph in the middle of a bunch of fist sized rocks.

I think I'll go back to being a trail rider. Oddly enough the quad-sized trails I usually ride had about 3x as many lines as this 15-20 foot ride track did!

Sounds like you ought to give a few other tracks some consideration before giving up the MX scene all together.

I never thought I would like mx myself but Im finding that thats all Ive been doing this summer due to the high humidity in this region.

This is the only tip I have: (and its a pretty obvious one)

Yesterday while riding out at a local track I try to keep my gas in the tank to a minimum. I figure all the other guys have a weight advantage on me so why not try to run as minimum amount of fuel as possible. Right as I was getting ready to jump a huge double, the bike started to sputter on me and I went nose first into the front side of the landing jump. Didnt crash, but it wasnt too pleasureable.

So thats my tip of the day. Dont forget to check your fuel often if you plan on keeping it low.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

MIKE MIKE MIKE when are we going!?!

Sounds like a cool place to ride. If the jumps aren't any worse than New Vienna then I think I could do all of them. I haven't hit the new triple or the monster double :) on the far side of the front track yet but there is plenty of summer left. :D

I'm OOC right now due to blown fork seals.

Let me know if you want to go again.


You gotta LOVE those tank slappers!! Life has no meaning until you experience those. The best ones end in you highsiding with the bike COMPLETELY sideways.

What a RUSH!! :)

Hey Mike,

You are right about this track, it does'nt matter how good you have your bike set up that loose stuff makes you feel like an amatuer! So far the biggest double I will do is the uphill double into the right hand burm turn.

The track is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Have you ever been trail riding a little south of there in Lauralville? It's almost as good as Door Run. :]

Rich in Westerville.

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Hey Jay- I'll go again, you would probably like this place a lot! The jump takeoffs and most landings are smooth (yet steep) enough to feel Ok about jumping. My shoulders still hurt from the violent tank slap. All in a day's fun, I guess.

Hey Rich- your're right I do feel like an amateur at this track. Very humbling. I live in Dublin if you want to hook up sometime (sawmill/bethel area) Never been to laurelville, but have been exploring Wayne for a couple of years. Where in Laurelville is there legal riding? And Rich did you know there is a small riding area on Sawmill rd north of 270?? Not much, but only 10 minutes away! Also do you know about the riding area in Obetz?

I have been to Obetz plenty of times! Unfortunatly the best part of those trails are off limits. How far north of 270 is this area on sawmill?

The area in Laurelville is part private property, part enduro trails, part Mead paper products land, and all good!

How often do you go down to Wayne National?

I go down at least once a week, never on weekends, too many close calls! We usually ride about 50 to 70 miles. I've been riding there for three years and still finding more trails!

Rich The sawmill road area is north of 270 about 2 miles. It is on the west side (left) as you go north across from Krogers. It is just south of Summit view. There is a gravel road off sawmill to get there. There is a sign that says no motorized vehicles, but I was there once and a friendly police officer showed up. He said the sign applied for 4x4 guys, not bikes and do not worry about it.

I used to hit wayne during the week as well, but my work schedule now does not allow that to happen. I go about every 2-3 weeks, Shoot me an email @ or and we'll exchange numbers.

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