Hey Guys,

It is happened again, and as you can imagine, it was not my fault.. AGAIN :)

Thursday night last week. Pulled the bike out, suited up in some light riding gear and headed out to Williamstown (small town, located near the bay). The ride lasted about 4 minutes as I was just testing out the carburation settings. A little popping and farting, but nothing a twist of a flat head screw driver could not fix... :D

Rode down the main drag of Williamstown and turned around at the end. Before I left for the little ride, I had this feeling that told me to be careful. I have had this feeling twice before and both times, I was involved ina serious accident. So, I listened intently and decided to ride home very catiously. Well, as I decided was the moment all hell broke loose.

I rode, very gingerly down the main strip, shifting into third with a gentle burble of the engine. by no means was I riding hard, just very calmly and cautiosly. WEll, it turns out this guy wanted to jump into a parking spot on my side of the road. It was 7:30pm, and he did not even see me coming. Well then, he just turns right infront of me! I haul on the front brake and launch the back wheel into the air... Stoppie heaven.. :D One of my better ones... :D Just when I thoughjt I may have stopped (everything is in slow motion as you all know, so it appeared I stopped), whilst being completely verticle.. :D WHAM. I hit the side of his front panel as I swerved left to get around him. WEll, the world looks interesting from that height and angle. The position of the bike and the speed resulted in me being "slapped" onto the hood and windshield and then bounced over the vehicle onto the road. WHAM, CRUNCH, SLAP, OUCH!!!!!

Well, this is when the bad boy awoke. I jumped to my feet and ran, hobbled toward this guy and began calling him everything under the sun as I began removing my gloves, helmet, jacket.... Sorry to say, but the guy looked like he was going to pee his pants. His eyes were watering and his lower lip was quivering. When I saw that I became jelly and felt as guilty as all hell for acting the way I did... :D But, understandably, he knocked me over.

Soon after the police arived and could clearly see what happened and that he was responsible. They were very polite and kind toward me but very sarcastic toward the other chap. The police officer indicated that the other chap was lucky I was OK otherwise they would have given the chap a ticket for wreckless driving....

All was OK with me and the bike. Knees are a little sore for as I was launched ouyt of the saddle, my knees scraped the bash gaurds on the bars....

The funny thing was that I was due to head to Winton Raceway for practise the next day. Late night was had straightening it all out before the wife came home!!!!!! She does not know, I went to Winton and had a magnificent day sliding the bike around on the road circuit... But, that is another story...



Glad to here you are ok, since everthing that shares the streets with dual sport bikes is usually very cruel to them when a altercation happens. Goooood Luck\\\



If you get busted up before Moab (or after for that matter!!), Alisa will give me the "Thumbs Up" to fly to OZ to kick your ass!! Don't you dare get hurt again!!

Quite Sincerely,



99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark, got forked by Pro Action.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitch?!!

Hey kev,

Thanks Mate. Dont worry Kevvie, even if I have my arm in a cast, I will still mame Moab. nothing will stop me, well, almost nothing... :)

Seriously though, thanks, I you cant get me from making MOAB. I am there no matter what. There are so many of you that I am looking forward to meeting for one of the best times of my motorcycle riding life...


Me too, Mitchy...The most exciting and most "looking forward to" thing I'll have done...except for holding my new born son, Adam, for the first time. I am prepping him to fill his Dad's MX boots!!

In a few years, he'll be joining us on our TT reunions!

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