looking at buying a dirt thumper

I am just getting back into riding after 13 years and am looking at a used 98 WR400. I am 6'1" and 200lbs and an intermediate rider...13 years ago!

I am looking for any owners of a WR400 who could give me feedback on how these bikes ride and how they compare to the suzuki and honda. As I understand it the WR has much more power than the honda.

How about price...what would be a reasonable price for a 98 WR400?

Thanks, Trent

I sold my 98 wr400 for $3,800 about a month ago. I know where another one is for $3,900. Both bikes are in good condition and ready to race. My bike only had one riding season on it.

If you haven't rode for 13 years, be prepared for some serious adjustment time on the WR400. For that matter any bike. I know, I was in the same boat two years ago. I found the height and weight to be detrimental when racing in harescrambles. I am only 5'8" & 160 pounds. The WR was very reliable and a great bike, but it certainly is not the most nimble of rides. If you ride out west, you will probably love the bike once you get use to it. The power is very user friendly and the bike is remarkably stable. However, if you are planning to ride in tight twisty trails there are better bikes out there. Sorry guys, just my opinion.

I currently own a 200EXC and I've got to tell you it fits me like a glove. I actually beat a 98WR400 in a drag race, and yes it was YZ timed and jetted nearly perfect along with all of the other mods on this forum. Don't feel bad guys, I was just a couple of inches away from taking a hoeshot on my 200 in my first harescramble and I was lined up against 250's, 400's, 520's and who knows what.

I know it is hard to do but try to find a couple of bikes you are intersted in and test ride them before shelling out the cash. It's amazing how much more enjoyable riding is when the bike fits you.

Good Luck

Thanks for the input. I have found a 98 that has been riden just a few times in southern Idaho and he is asking $4500...mint condition and mint price. I live in Canada and the prices are way cheaper up here. A 2000 WR 400 sells for less that $5000 US plus 7% sales tax.

As for the ride...the only other bike I have ridden is a Honda XR and in the two trips around the yard I could not believe how little low end rip it had. Quite disappointing.

I have found a 98 near where I live for $3400 that has been run for 6 tanks of gas and has been maintained well. I am going to get it and see how well it fits...the only way to know is to ride it right?

I am one excited rusty rider!


The Honda is better for:........newer riders, tight trails, and slower riding.........The Yamaha is better for:........more experienced riders, wider more open trails, and faster riding....Only you know how your needs fit those characteristics.

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