Thinking about a 450

Hey all. Im thinking about getting a YZ 450F in the near future. Im 5'10" tall and weight about 200 pounds. Im a novice rider, but I have experience with quads (last summer I had an '06 Yamaha YFZ 450 with a pipe and jet kit and sold it because I was bored with the performance) and last fall I had an '96 YZ 250F which I ended up selling over concerns with durability.

Im looking into getting back into riding dirtbikes and eventually doing some local amateur racing.

Im leaning towards a 450 because everyone says that if you take care of them they pretty much run forever, but Im wonder if maybe it would be too much bike for me.

Like I said, I had an '06 YFZ 450 that had a pipe, jet kit and the airbox lid removed and honestly, I didnt think it was all that fast. Im used to riding 150 hp snowmobiles, so a 40 hp quad was kind of a step down in performance for me. I rode my YFZ on a friend's motocross track and I had the track pretty much dialed in, but I was still bored with the performance of my quad.

I want to get back into riding dirtbikes, but at the same time I dont want something that Im going to have to invest a small fortune in just to keep it running and thats why Im kind of leary about another 250F.

With my background in riding snowmobiles and ATVs, do you think that a YZ 450F would be something that I could grow into or do you think I should get another 250F, ride that for 5 years and then go to a 450?

The only person I know who had a 450 is a friend of mine, and his is an '08 and I dare not even ask to ride it because right now that bike is his baby and if I layed it down and scuffed up his new plastic, well, lets just say that he wouldnt be too happy.

Anyways, lemmie know what you guys think. I think Id be able to start out slow and grow into the power of the 450 and Im pretty sure it would be a bike that would last a long, long time but Id like to hear from some people who own these bikes.

Thanks in advance...

I regularly ride with 4 other guys who have yzf450 quads. I used to ride a 250f and would switch it up with my buddies all the time just for some difference, as i used to always ride quads. Now I've sold my 250f and am riding a 450. I always compared the power of the 450 quad to my 250f. IMO my new 06 450 feels like it has twice the power of my 250f AND the 450 quads. I highly doubt you'll be bored with the performance of a yz450f and reliability is amazing. pick up a cheap 07 while you still can!

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