a few ?'s

Its that time for me to start freshening up my bike. im ordering chain, sprockets, fork oil, fork seals, handlebars, and tires... i could use reccomendations on anything, because im a noob when it comes to modding. i dont know what the stock gearing is on my 01 426, but i know its a tooth down on the rear sprocket (i think, or maybe a tooth up on the front), and im wanting the same gear spread. id like to know the best intermediate tires, and some good vibration absorbing handlebars that are a decent price. thanks for the help!

can anyone help me? im just looking for some reccomendations..

x-ring or o-ring chain(I like to use DID chains), Dunlop 756 front and rear tyres. Can't help you with the shock absorbing bars, but you could try some of the Renthal Kevlar grips, I'll be getting them again. Grayracer reckons the MSR fork seals are pretty good(they're available in the TT shop).

thanks for the ideas man, im gonna get ordering cus my first race is this saturday!

Spend the money on a high quality chain like a Regina ORN6. It is far less expensive than buying a cheap chain three or four times. With a good chain plain steel sprockets will last and last. I run the Regina chain with Primary Drive steel sprockets.

The Dunlop 756 is a good soft/int terrain tire but they wear out too fast for my liking. The Dunlop D952 is a very good all around tire that lasts a long time...as a matter of fact you'll probably get about twice the life out of the 952 compared to a 756.

The stock gearing is 14/49 I believe.

Can't help you on the bars, sorry.

dude you better be at that race saturday...

go on ebay and buy a combo..they have combos for $120 plus shipping for chain/sprockets..regina chain and 2 renthal sprockets..i believe you can get whatever size you want to..

well i got primary drive steel sprockets and an RK X ring chain... ive heard good things about it, and its reasonably priced at 57 dollars.. havent got the bars yet, ill worry about that later... and dont you worry justin, ill be there! im riding with heath, im gonna have to scramble to get my bike back together friday night tho. its gonna be fun:ride:

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