Poison Spider Arch Video

Can't say I know Dodger, but I have a copy of the video... it is about 1MB, goes for about 10 seconds or so, crossing the 'bridge' part of the 'spider arch', I think it is like 700 feet drop on one side, and 200 on the other or something like that...

Anyone want the video? I can e-mail it, just send me a PM with your e-mail address...


I can always put it up on isp server for all to have...

Do it. Just give credit by posting the name of the person, dates and places, etc. :)

Here you go boys. A special thanks to yamaha.dude for getting us

the video. Enjoy!

Dodger - Poison Spider Arch Video

Low quality, but if you've ever been there, it's bone chilling. The

drop to his left is about 800 feet down to Potash Road and to his

right is a bowl that is at least 50 feet down.

Any mistake, would be a costly one.


Thanks Dan,

I remember this earlier from Dodger. He told me on one of his trips out on Poison Spider, they were pulling a KTM up from the bottom off of the 50 foot drop. Do not know if the rider got hurt. I have walked the arch personally and in a pair of Tech 8's it is scarey. :)

I would love to visit Moab... not sure I would ride across that part of it though... I have some still pictures that make it look REAL scary to think about going over the deep side...

The lens flare at the start of the video clip makes Dodger look like he is doing it on one wheel!


N7SLC and I stopped at that arch and checked it out. I wouldn't even dare walk across it in my Tech 8's let alone RIDE ACROSS IT!! :)

I remember seeing the video of a guy crossing that arch a few years ago and I thought it was cool and when I got there in real life to see the arch and actually saw where he rode I thought he was insane! That is one scary drop! :)

The difficulty factor isn't very high, it's the PUCKER factor that's

off the scale!! :)

N7SLC.....Thanks for getting the video link operational. Although the video is a little rough, it is awesome to see. If anyone ever attempts the crossing on a bike again, I sure hope they post it. :)

I'm not gonna ride across it, but I can be talked into to taking my

video camera and getting some up close video of it... Maybe a good

shot of what the bowl near it looks like too :)

Huge Pucker Factor! I cant stand that close to a 2000 foot drop! Huge Guts! :):D :D

Does anyone have an updated link to this video? It's a gotta see! :)

Ditto??? Bring it on.......please. :)

The link on page 3 worked fine for me...

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