How much is this worth?

99 YZ400 with baja designs dual sport kit. Plated and registered in CA. Has both stock wheels with knobbies, and SuperMoto wheelset with 320mm front rotor. Also has some misc upgrades like hydraulic clutch, exhaust etc. It's been ridden quite a bit and isn't in showroom condition, but it is nice. I'm doing some work for the guy that owns it, and he's willing to make a trade, but neither of us are really sure what it's worth.



I bought my 1999 yz400f about 9 mo ago for 1800.

it was pretty much stock, and not plated. I see them around here for 1500-2000. I know the baja design adds and the plated is an add also.

hope that helps.


Bump.....anyone else?

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