Saftey tip

A dirt bike mag down here recently posted a tip about taking the handlebars off and putting a chamfer on the mounts, as the edge of the triple clamp can sometimes be sharp enough to wear the bars and eventually crack them. They said it was a must if you do MX or jump a bit.

Anyway the last issue of the same mag had a letter from a guy who said that he wished he seen the tip before he landed a triple jump and cracked his handle bars. Apparetnly the bars were worn by a sharp edge on the triple clamp, and this caused them to break. The ended up with 57 stiches in his face from hitting his head on the triple clamp.


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

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