To Lean ? ? ?

Ok i have just purched a FMF Powercore IV-s Exhaust (I just love the sound now Although the cops wernt to impressed)a few mates told me ill have to play with the air fule mix.i have the airbox lid removed .so how do i know if my bike is running to lean. But the thing is the bike starts so mutch easyer with this exhaust on it is this normal ?

Any comments appriciated


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The first sign of being too lean will be popping during deceleration. If it does this, first try and open the fuel screw. Your stock setting should be 1 1/4 turns, go out a 1/4 turn at a time for a maximum of 2 turns. If it stops popping your ok. If it pops at two turns you need to go up 1 on the Pilot. Don't make mor than one recommended change to anything at one time. Otherwise you will wind up chasing your tail trying to get the carb right again. If it's not popping and your satisfied with the power......Just ride and roost...

Good Luck....

Bonzai :)

Thanks i dont think it dus any poping but i havent taken it for a desent ride yet though thanks for the advice .Very mutch appriciated

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