cam timing specs

Has anyone out there got full cam spec's (cam duration , profiles etc

are you a mechanic Mr Alarming?

i'm intrigued as to your thought pattern. what's on your mind perchance Mr Alarming?

why i ask myself has nobody set the timing to factory spec, why has nobody changed the valve timing 2 degree's at a time etc & experimented?

why don't people hit the rolling road?

why haven't all those So Cal boys with all that dosh & hair dryers that would be superchargers; got together with all their toys at the local RR?

whilst on the subject of why or who.

do we have any guests who actually ride these at the highest level & glean real info?

whatever you do don't mention the !*!*ing hair dryer or nobody will take us seriously.

Russ Collins whoever you are, tell it how it is.

now your top of the charts again for a few minutes, maybe, just maybe someone will give you those timing figures.

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