Melted Brake Fluid Resevoir

Was cleaning my bike yesterday and unhappily noticed that my exghaust pipe had partially melted my rear brake fluid resevoir. Not to the point that it is leaking but it still doesn't look good. I took a few falls this weekend and assume that one of them pushed the resevoir against the pipe (downside of using the carbon fiber frame guards I guess). I have the WB e-series pipe will probably replace the resevoir to be safe. Anyone have any ideas of how to widen the space between the resevoir and pipe. I know that I'll put the exghaust tape on the pipe to shield some heat but would appreciate any other advice. Thx!

Stroker makes aluminum rear brake fluid reservoir I think its $45 ..... it could be less than the stock Yamaha plastic one. Here is a link

Their server was down when I checked earlier but it was up last nite.

Good Luck


Nathan Apelbaum

99 WR400F IMS Seat/Tank,Scotts full suspension mods,Fastlines front line w/CR routing,Scotts Tripletree,Dampner and Protaper combo,Big Gun tapered header and muffler,W.R.D. 7.5oz flywheel weight, de-octopussed, Ricky Stator rewind, Air box lid off,UNI Air filter,DSC legalizer kit,Dunlop K139 Frt D606 rear and a couple of other little bits

Called Stroker and they said that it will be a couple of weeks before I can get one. Anyone know of anyone manufacturer of aluminum resevoirs?


When you mount the Rear brake reservoir put a couple of washers between the frame mounting tab and the reservoir flange this will space the reservoir out away from the exhaust and buy a little clearence, which may be enough.


Pro Circuit makes a trick Aluminum Resevoir. My buddy has one (Red), but I don't know the cost.

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