Update on Stoneyford Run

On July 9 2000 a group of 6 riders myself, Mike, John, Bob, Randy, Jeff, Mike from silicon valley meet at Bill and Kathys Truck stop in Dunnigan at 7:30 am for stake and eggs . To get ready for the best riding in Northern California. After breakfast we drove to our staging area in Digger Pines, in the Mindecino National Forest, the sky was clear and tempatrues were around 70 degrees. First thing out of the gate ,up three mile hill for a worm up, then across Sullivins Ridge down switch backs, through creek crossings, back up the other side climbing to 6,000 ft. thin back down through more switch backs[Where Mike from Silicon valley went over the bars but he was O.K. man that guy is tuff]Then over to Summits Springs trail which is heavily wooded and techinical,( where Mike went down again, smiling all the way ) then down to a fire road for about 2 miles to catch the Goat Mountain Trail,this trail is a downhiller with switchbacks and creek crossings. We all headed over to Green Flats Trail this trail has a 2 mile up hill climb with twist and turns,loose rocks to loom soil, proceeds to get narrow with a drop off on one side and a up hill on the other. When you reach the top you can see Clearlake , Indian Valley Reservour, and hundreds of miles of riding trails[but that would be another days ride). From there it was Love Lady Ridge , which is a major down hill with a 90 deg. turn at the bottom if you miss this one your in the river. ( John from Granite Bay came smoking down the hill , but made the turn O.K. good rider ) The days ride was 60 miles of pure fun and excillent trails, everyones bikes ran great ,no breakdowns, no troubles , everyone had a great ride. It was great to meet some of the people you have only talked to on the forum, and to put a face with the words. Anytime you guys want to go ride again, give me a call .

Monty Wilson

All I can say is what a fantastic day. Brian from Long Beach I hope you bought a killer house on Sunday, because you missed a killer ride. It was great meeting Monty, and Mike from Silicon and the guys on the "other bikes" Everyone rode great, some unbelievable trails, some tech stuff, some wide open balls to the wall riding and incredible weather. All this and we say only two other bikes the whole day and that was at our staging area. After that only the roar of our 7 bikes, how cool is that. No one cared about each others riding ability, all did great. Monty, you know this area like none other. My helmet off to your knowledge. I cannot wait to hook up again. You name the time, date etc and I will be there. Incredible. I personally felt like I had a great day. Went down only twice and one of those was a battle with a tree, which I did not win. :) Tight off camber, pulled to close and BAM!!! tree city. OH well no damages. I have been to Stoneyford two times now and could go every weekend. (well every other weekend because I will need a few weeks to get over my sore ^%$#%&&* body) I can't get up!!! (but I have not fallen) If you haven't ridden this area it is a must do. You can camp out ride, sleep, eat and literally stay for days and never run out of trails to ride. The ridge runs were fantastic, great vistas, views, trails that were recreated and many others that we didn't have time see. WOW :D So to Monty, thank you for the guide, you are top notch, to Mike in Silicon I hope it was worth the drive (I think you know it was) and it was great riding with you. Better then Grizzly Flats??? John, thanks for the continued riding support/ tips and the final leg of the day riding side by side, making me choose the best lines and concentrate further. You are definately making me a better rider. To the "other bikes" I am sorry I don't remember all of your names (Bob Bitchen only sticks in my head etc????) thank you for the great run....(Can you believe a DRZ and 2 Huskies, oh well great guys and good riders).For the guys on the Huskies the kick starter is supposed to be on the right side :D I am still stoked over a great day. If you have not been to this area before it is must do on areas to ride!!!!! Maybe after Moab we can do a Stoneyford campout and ride. All of you out there will not be disappointed.



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

Monty, Mike, John, Randy, Jeff, & Bob bitchin. I had a great time on Sunday. That was the best combination of terrain I've ever ridden in my very short riding career. It's like a combination of Clear creek & Grizzly flats. Monty, thanks for showing us the way, let's do it again soon! Mike, what a blast riding with you and what a workout! John, thanks for helping me up that one hill! The only way I'll continue to improve my riding is to ride with people such as yourselves. Aside from being great people, you all are great riders! It's a pleasure to know you! Let's not make this the last time we ride. Let's do this again. Monty, you name the place and I'm there. Stonyford was a long drive (3+ hours one way) but well worth it.


First, the darn house we wanted to buy went for $15K over the asking price (no, I won't play the bidding war game) and now I have to read this. I can't take it anymore....

Next trip July 22/23 or 29/30 somebody pick a spot, I'm in. The house be damned.


oragon tillmook

georgetown ride would be good for augest.I'll show you guys some good trails and wild back country,darling ridge,rock creek,black forest,pino grand trail.Or back to stoneyford for a [2] day camp out think it over let me know your all geart to ride with.


Mike, Monty, Mike, Jeff, Bob bitchin & the other guy on the Husky:

What a great day! Fantastic people, good riders, great weather, and trails from what HEAVEN must REALLY be like. And Monty, I hope you are the Lead Trail Angel when (well I guess IF) I get to heaven. You are unbelievable. Even though I've been to Stoneyford twice before, I don't think I even saw a trail I'd been on before. I was totally lost the whole time and couldn't believe how you knew right where we were at all times (and still knew details about hundreds of miles more). You picked some choice trails to just have fun plus challenge and improve skills. And, thanks for brining us up into the cool altitude and view stops. Next time I am bringing the camera. Mike, thanks for organizing this. Its been a blast riding with you. I'll check the calendar for the other ride and post a response.

P.S. Monty, send me your email or phone so we can further discuss the "paperwork" we talked about at breakfast.


John my e-mail [wilmexrs@cs.com]thats home best to e-mail at work for fax on paper work at isc938@aol.com or call 707-446-4066 ask for monty tell them your a frind.Some times i tell the office to block my calls, you can give me your fax and i'll send it to you.


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