Big Gun disappointment

Well I did not get to try the Big Gun SDS system this weekend. It will not work on my bike with the IMS tank/seat combo. Don't really want to make the additional mods to the pet cock valve to make it work. Explosion waiting to happen. Good news that Big Gun is taking it all back and giving me a full refund. Thank you Big Gun. I only wish they had been a little more up front with me before I forked out $400 bucks with the quiet cores, spark arrestors etc. Oh well live and learn. I am going to keep my E Series for now and see if anything else comes along that is quiet(in the low 90"s db's) and powerful. Am I waiting for something that will not happen.???


Check out Clark's post on the Stroker muffler with the powerbomb header, sounds like a pretty good setup


Wanna sell me your E-series?? Is it an S-bend? How much lighter than stock is it and did it give a power increase?

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