Looking for a '03 -'05 stock 450 headpipe - got one hanging around?

Good day,

My '03 WR450 met a rock yesterday and I am looking for a cheap stock replacement headpipe. I have checked part numbers and the '03 -'05 YZ is the same as the '03 -'04 WR.

If you have one taking up space in your garage, PM me and help a brother out.

I have 2 enduros left in my season and the bike isn't going anywhere until the headpipe is replaced.


Thgese guys can work majic on a tweaked header


I have a complete new stock 03 exhaust system for sale - pm me with a reasonable offer...I am not just giving it away

you could repair it yourself with freezing water in the pipe. Do this a couple times and the dents will be all out.

I have more than dents..... There is a big dent and the pipe is pinched closed part way as it exits the exhaust port.

Thanks for the suggestion just the same.

Anyone with a take-off headpipe out there? I checked the classifieds before I posted here.


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