98 WR400 very hard to start hot, T or F?

I have my eyes on a 98 WR 400 and I have heard two things that concern me. One, that it is extremely hard to start when hot, and two, that setting the timing to YZ makes no appreciable bottom end power difference. For those of you who have this bike...what are your thoughts?

Thanks, Trent.


When jetted RIGHT, the bike should start effortlessly, hot or cold. You must also use a strict starting procedure. A proud ex-motocrossing buddy of mine tried to start my WR a couple of weeks ago. I tried to tell him how to start it, but he refused to listen. He kicked and kicked, but eventually did start it. While riding it he fell over. Then the whole thing started all over again, but he had to use the hot start button this time.

There is a fuel screw on the underside of the float bowl that makes starting it easy or difficult. Once dialed in, the bike does start in 1 or 2 kicks for me.

There are quite a few examples of jetting specs in Technical that should take care of you. We have a couple of carburator guru's, Clark and James, that can cure the common cold on these carbs! They are bailing people out of carb trouble on a daily basis on this forum. The amount of technical knowledge on this websight in unbelievable and you will never be alone with any problems as long as you look here for the answers.



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For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitch?!!

I had an XR600 and a XR400 before the 2 WR's and they were not as easy to start hot or cold. If you start them exactly the way you should, you will find they start very easy. One kick is all you need to kick them into life.


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Trent, I have owned my 98 WR for over two years, the jetting is stock (I dont even know what it is). My bike starts 1st kick every time, cold or hot, high elevation or low, wet or dry. How I start my bike: pull compression release in, kick it through for about 3 times then let go of the lever then slowly kick until you feel resistance and pull compression lever again and kick about one inch then go to the top and kick. My WR has turned out to be one of the easiest bike to start that I've ever owned. Have Fun, Dan


when I bought my WR the dealer told me, 'we never try and start these things before we deliver them because we can never get them to start'.

That was the DEALERSHIP!

I took the un-started WR home, read the owners manual, specifically the starting procedures, put gas in the tank, followed the procedures, and the bike started FIRST KICK!

The ONLY time it has EVER not started first or second kick is after a fall, or last weekend on top of Red Cone while the bike was pointed off a cliff at 13000 feet (see picture on home page right before I tried to start it). But that was just because the bike was pissed at me for taking it so high.

After a fall it's not hard to start if you follow the procedures of kicking about 20 times with the compression release in, then kicking with the hot start on.

During normal riding after stopping the engine, it takes only one half-assed kick to fire her up again. And that's without the hot start (assuming proper jetting of course).

I've never had any other kick start bike, but I don't see what the big deal is. Friends with XR's don't have it any easier than this.


FALSE! 99WR stock jetting starts first or second kick hot or cold. Each bike has its own "way" it likes to be started, after you learn yours they are easy! Believe it or not, my WR starts easier than both of my friends 00 XR 400's!

Good Luck!


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Thanks Guys, I am relieved to hear that this bike will not start. I spoke to one guy who said it was so hard to start that he took two different bikes to the track so that when the WR stalled while hot he could hop on the other bike and ride...he could not start the WR. Other than him, everyone who has responded has said it is not a problem. Thanks to you all.

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