Dual Dog Update

Dear Dual Sport Enthusiasts,

Thanks go to those who participated in the Sequoia Scenic Challenge and making it one of our best years in attendance. It was also perhaps the best riding conditions ever in its ten year history with rain and snow falling two days before the weekend offering no dust and perfect traction. It was simply awesome! Thanks also goes to Jimmy Lewis for coming up and offering a riding class.

I'm not sure what brought in the high attendance, whether it was from the promoting of our website and the continuous updates from emails, or if it was the threat of being our last chance to ride those great trails in the higher elevations in the newly designated national monument, since OHV use ceases at the end of the year. Write me and give me your thoughts. I wish I could have given you more information on the OHV elimination issue during the ride weekend. We are in need of a volunteer just to keep up on those issues. Visit the recently updated Political and Environment pages for some info.

Photos were taken during the Friday night sign-up and along Saturday's course and evening festivities from our friends at Photo Crazy and can be seen at http://www.PhotoCrazy.com. If you remember being photo'd, you'll be there in a long list of the time you passed the photographer. The video footage I was taking along the course will someday be offered in clips on the DualDogs.com site and in a video offering in the future. Just need to learn the Adobe Premiere and QuickTime programs. Who knows how long that will take?

The best day for riding the course was on Friday, the day after snow fall while clearing a few trails of downed trees. Three buddies volunteered to help with the chainsaw duties and took several photos during our chores. See the photos and others taken during the ride at: http://www.dualdogs.com/sequoiaphotos.html

That is if I can get them scanned today. If you have any you would like to share, I'm sure we would all like to see them. Look at the attached photos in this letter taken by Troy Bartle.

The absolute last chance to ride these trails in form of an organized trail ride is our Riders of The Round Table, October 28 & 29 in California Hot Springs located near our Pine Flat gas stop in the Sequoia ride. It's a route of all the best single-track trails used in the Sequoia ride including others I don't offer in the Sequoia ride due to its larger number of participants. There is a seperate course and rollchart offered to the beginner and novice rider for those of you wanting an easier days ride. The Halloween weekend may give some of you a four day weekend and a chance to stay an extra day or two. The Quail Valley RV Resort where the ride is headquartered is a beautiful five-star park for both RV's and tenters. Sites are first-come, first-serve. Hotel rooms in Pine Flat located 4 miles away can be reserved by calling (661) 548-6813 or 548-6442. Rooms are very limited so make your calls early, otherwise, you'll be staying 30 minutes away in Porterville. And don't forget to mark your calenders! Visit the Events Page for more details.

I regret to inform you that I never had the chance to chart routes for the Arizona ride scheduled for this month due to the fact that Cathy and I have a baby boy coming in August. Preparation for both a ride and delivery of a baby consumes time. Believe me, it was to be a great ride and I hope to offer it next year. You may think July is a hot period in Arizona, but a monsoon weather condition in the southern portion of the state offers a cooler and dustless ride in a beautiful setting resembling much of Baja, CA. -without the scares. It was during one of the fantastic memories and the unforgetable tour of Tombstone and a short but extremely heavy rainfall that prompt me to organize this ride. You don't want to miss it! I also apologize to those who wanted to attend The Six Days of Northern California this year. There just isn't enough participation to make these rides a full-time career. Too bad. I live for this stuff! But then you'll all want to get in the game! Chances of winning the Lotto are pretty damn slim, or there would be a ride offered every weekend!

A casual, co-ed party has been organized to celebrate both the union and coming of our baby boy Saturday, July 29th, 4 pm at the home of Steve & Jean Offers in Northridge, CA and we want to extend the invitation to you and your significant other, our event participants and fellow enthusiasts. Cathy and I would be very happy to spend a day with you when were not busy conducting events and you're not riding for a casual day of conversation and fun. Parenting and marriage will be a first for us and we need your advice and suggestions. ( But tell us the good stuff only, please.) Visit our Dual Pup Page and while visiting give your suggestions on a baby name (How does Ryder sound? No?) at: http://www.dualdogs.com/pup.html

R.S.V.P. Jean Offers at: Chinamon@deltanet.com or call her at (818) 886-7194. Bring your tennis racket and pool stick. And for those interested in an early morning Dual Sport ride in the nearby Angeles forest, write me to discuss it. We could find something interesting. I'll also have in my possesion the new Husqvarna 610e Dual Sport Demo Bike for you to test ride.

Hope to see you on the trail soon!

Damon Powell

damonpowell@dualdogs.com http://www.DualDogs.com

Thanks for putting on a great ride. I have been on the Sequoia Challenge ride the last 4 years and this was by far the best one yet. Keep them coming.


'98 WR400

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