Best places to ride around Colorado Springs

Hey everyone, I am heading out to Sedalia, CO this week to pick up one of my boys From church camp. While I am going out this far, I want to haul the dirt bikes and quad out there. I would like some suggestions on areas for some day trip rides in the mountains. We plan to spend at Least three days in the area. I need to know what areas, any trail systems , local cycle shops to find any information, websites that Show maps of trails. Basically any good resources for a Newb to Colorado dirt bike trail riding.

Also, any Legal info on rules and regulations for riding in these areas.

Thanks for any and all input.

Spark arrestor and OHV tags are all that is required. If you are going to be in Sedelia, then check out Rampart. It is about 10 minutes away from the town.

yea. sedalia 'mainstreet'(ish) is the intersection of hwy 67 and 85. west on 67 about 8? miles is rampart range road. unload anywhere and ride...

my personal ease of use at rampart is powerline.......park @ flatrocks (mile marker 6 i believe on RR road) and go either direction......

i work in castle rock and often ride powerline afterwork cause its like 20 mins from work to flatrocks.....

The whole 717/Divide system is just west of Colo. SPrings out of Woodland park.

We lost a bunch due to the Hayman fire but still some good riding.

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