Cracked tank

I have an 02' YZ426 and while riding the other day i noticed a constant drip of gasoline dripping on the ground. Taking off the tank i noticed a crack on the bottom of it. Does anybody out there know how to fix a cracked gasoline tank. These things are freakin expensive. OEM about 300.00$. I tried JB weld but that cracked also. I'm looking at EBay but haven't found any yet.

Clarke makes both oversized and OEM replacement tanks for under $200 in multiple colors.

When both my and my buddies 426 tanks cracks, we both bought the clarke tank. No more problems were to be had.

I have noticed with JB weld that if your going to be using it on a place (such as the bottom of ur tank) that will be ahving gas touch it all the time its best to use just a little more hardened and spread a thick layer that thins out over a fairly larger area than just the crack, this will help to prevent the JB weld its self from cracking but the 426 tanks have a slight rep with cracking so u may just want to get a new one anyway and since there not a large tank its a good excuse to upgrade your tank to a larger size

IMHO it is too risky to repair the fuel tank. Dripping gas and hot engines don't mix well. I bought a Clarke replacement for mine when this happen. No issues with the replacement.

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