need help with squirrelly front end..again..

well..when i got my 03 dad said leave the suspension adjustments stock..(which they were) a 16 yr old kid..thinking i know whats best for me..i had to change things up..well i'm pretty bug at 6'1 255lbs..i totally felt that the suspension t stock settings was way too low and i felt like i would rub the rear fender on the tire..(maybe i wouldn't have but i thought so)..and the suspension seemed very mushy..i dont know if it really was bad..but i felt like i would bottom i cranked the rear shock so that the bike pretty much would sit as high as that i am on my tip toes when i did dad was like "oh cool" and we rode..well..we both felt that when we were riding in hard packed dirt/sand..that we were on ice with the front was very slippery and we felt like we were dad blamed it on me for cranking the rear shock to make the bike taller..well..was he right?..i'm not jumping..but just riding trails and mainly flat should i just return the spring where it was?? at bout half way down the threads? i thought because of my weight that i needed to raise it and make it stiffer..was i wrong?..any help would be great! thanx-josh

I am by no means a suspension expert but what I would expect to happen is that by cranking up the rear (decreasing your sag) you are making the steering angle a little more sharp...that should make the front end bite a little more and potentially create an oversteering effect.

If you are 255lbs I would suggest backing your rebound clickers out a couple clicks (or more) on your forks. This will have the effect of allowing the forks to "push back" into the ground a little harder and forcing the front tire to bite harder into the ground. But again...I am no expert, you need to experiment.

...oh yeah, run your air pressure around 12psi and see what that does for you. Unless you are riding on really rocky terrain, that is. Experiment.

kool! i'll deffinately give it a try..but what i did to the rear is screwed down on the spring..making it tighter and the back sit higher..and i have been given another suggestion to set my sag to about 4 inches..i totally had ignored that and i geuss i should have adjusted based on that..looks like i should start over..and the clicks are out on the forks and not in? because i was thinking about making the adjustment to them to make them rebound that it would "push back"..thanx-josh

oh ok i see what you ment by saying backing up the said the same thing i said..

The adjuster on the rear spring controls the ride height (suspension sag) by increasing or decreasing the preload on the spring. It does not make stiffer; only a spring with a higher rate can do that.

What you did by raising the height at the rear without simultaneously raising the front is to make the fork angle steeper which will make it less stable at speed and in rough corners.

For your weight, you need to replace the springs, front and rear, or the suspension is simply never going to work correctly.

First thing I would do is buy the correct springs. Probably a 5.8 rear and .49 fronts. Without the right springs the suspension will ride to far down in the stroke and cause it to handle funky.

If you have some extra money and want the suspension custom tailored to your needs, give this guy a call.

ok..what i did tonight was check my sag at where it was when i raised the back was 2" of i cranked the spring up a little and kept checking sag..i ended leaving it between 3.75" and 4"..and then i was told that i should turn the fork adjustors all the way hard..and then chop that number in i did..and it seemed to make the forks a tiny bit stiffer..and they did return faster..and i was told to make 4 clicks harder on both bottom and top click adjustors on the rear shock..and without changing oils and springs..maybe i'm the closest i can be to replacing suspension?? hopefully-josh

wow! that was some really great info! thanx! that deffinately spells everything out for you! awesome thanx man-josh

i'm pretty bug at 6'1 255lbs

For a moment there, I thought you'd developed a Kiwi(New Zealander) accent, but then I realised it was just a typing error!:p You're big for a 16 year old! Ben Townley seems to have changed his Kiwi accent to sound Australian. I wonder why? of my good freinds is a maybe i sound like that when i talk to..but ya..typing error..haha..and pretty big..all the football coaches talk to me in school..but i play baseball

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