Jetting for Moab

I need the jetting specs for the ride this october. I am running a 00 with stock filter and jetting, baffle removed and throttle stop cut, and snorkel removed. I hate the carb and it hates me, we have a rule not to mess with each other, so I usually dont go near it, but realize if I dont compensate for the altitude, it will act like a zr50 gasping for air, please help..Also those that have ridden there it would help the rest of out to maybe post a list of set up tricks you find helpful, i.e. jetting, tire selection,suspension, gearing etc.

thanks, Pie man

I've already put a little bit on the Moab forum on WR400 bike setup.

Go to:

'Moab - October 2000'

'Moab - Important Information'

Change the selection to 20 days (it defaults to 10 days)

Look for 'WR400 bike setup for Moab'

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