Possible Gearing Change

Have a WR timed '98 400 with a lot of the mods presented on this post. Current gearing is 13 front and 49 rear. Consistent problem is that I stall the bike coming into turns and such. I know that this is partially due to my riding (using clutch, staying on the gas, etc....). I have been thinking about re-gearing to 13-51 or 52 because I don't need the top end as much as I love the bottom end. Plus I think that it will be alot better for me where I ride. Question is, will this change result in me stalling more/less or no effect?

I went with a 52t rear and it made a HUGE differance in the slow technical stuff. I would definitally recommend this mod.


i do the slow nadgery stuff like you & i have been using 13 x 48 or 50. i find i can roll up to the top of some of these man made steep climbs & it hasn't stalled. also in real gloop (the 1' deep variety) i can run as quickly as it will go slow!

as for stalling, are you locking up the back brake when you stomp on it? how about adjusting it down a smidge so that it's binding & not locking.

After reading my own post, I may have figured out my problem. I may be going into a braking section in too high a gear with no throttle. That combined with hitting the brakes may be the reason I'm stalling. Gearing up to a 52 may create a monster though in terms of bottom end.

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